fat club Mon 18th

so the newbies can find us
And i feel it today
On call, so chips on the menu at 11pm
At least i cant drink
You all have a good day


  • Morning all, weight still the same (race yesterday followed by curry and wine so hardly surprising!). PB of 56:11 largely down to running with my cyber-training buddy WannabeRunner. Brilliant day.

    EP and Benz, what were your times for yesterday? Sorry we didn't get to meet up afterwards, maybe next time.

    JJ and SP well done on your times and it was nice to meet you.

    Sassie, well done that Verger (is that correct?). Lovely to meet you and your pretty daughter, she's so sweet. I have to say also that your doggy is beautiful, what a gorgeous colour with such a sweet nature.

    Now, which other Fat Club members did I meet yesterday? Well, Godzilla do you read our threads? If you do, it was nice to see you and stay of those fags! I reckon you'd have kept up with us if you hadn't needed the loo. NickB, you're way too skinny to be on here but just in case in was nice talking to you and well done on your great time. I also met several men who I know don't visit us here but might benefit from the experience (if you get my meaning!!!).

    Good luck to everyone weighing-in today.
  • Well done, everyone. Glad to hear that you did it in spite of not being on your best running form, EP.

    I've recovered, so can't be as detrained as I'd thought (there were some hefty undulations, and gloopy mud underfoot didn't make it easier on the calves), but I don't think my trail shoes will ever be quite the same again.

    Lovely evening last night. I took Kevin to her friend's confirmation service, then there was a bunfight in the church afterwards and, not realising that a party was planned, Perry's mother had laid on a spread at home so we HAD to partake of both. Nibble on a plain breadstick? With a severe dose of post-race munchies and a table sagging under the weight of home-made cakes? Ha!

    A couple of pounds up today compared to last Monday, but can't claim to be surprised. Too much of what my mother calls "snash", not enough running and way, way, not enough sleep.

    So begins another working week...
  • Morning and well done to all you Brighton guys. What a nice day you had. You should all be feeling pretty pleased with yourselves. All have a rest today and pat yourselves on the back.
    Have only managed two cups of tea so far - daughter off of school with earache (pretty sure its genuine) but has been told if she aggravates her brother she is well enough to go to school no matter what the time is.
    Managed a run yesterday morning, was quite pleased with myself as, although I had a couple of walking breaks I did 2 lots of 7 minutes and a 5 minute run (up a slight incline - which definitely makes a difference doesn't it?). Also didn't seem to come home and try to make up for it by eating for England.
    Hope you are all having a good day.
  • Morning all and well done to all those who raced yesterday.

    I now have a week off work, before starting in my new position on Saturday, so I intend to make the best use of the time and get ALL of my Xmas shopping done.

    Had my first bowl of porridge since I was a kid this morning and I forgot just how much the damn stuff swells up. Consequently I've eaten enough for the rest of the week and can hardly move(good job I have a long run planned for today!).

    'till later.......
  • Hi all

    I had a nice message all typed and forum died on me so here's the edited highlights

    Noodles tofu and beer for tea
    Panini with snails pace in sunshine for lunch
    triple F members all look very fit and healthy
    well done Clariss for run, see you next 10k
    Well done Vrap for being able to socialise
    No work this week as client has posponed so will be Christmas shopping like Filbert.
  • Morning all,
    WELL DONE to you who raced yesterday! I was thinking of you all!!! Well, I've had a very eventful weekend.. On Friday I had a girls night out and got absolutely blind drunk.. oh dear.. not very attractive in a 38 year old.. thing is, I didn't really drink that much, but stupidly had eaten nothing at all since breakfast, as I was so busy rushing around. I won't go into the sordid details, but suffice to say, I'm off the booze for the foreseeable future!!
    Now, some of you may remember that my friend Sarah (she of the traumatic childhood and violent ex..) came to stay the weekend with her new boyfriend and I was dreading it as I thought he would be a monster like the ex.. Well, how wrong can you be..!! I loved him (wouldn't have minded him myself, if I didn't already have a good Mr..). He was sooooo nice.. and, best of all, he worships the ground she walks upon - they make such a lovely couple. I liked him right away, cos as soon as he walked in through the door, he saw my two nutty boys and said, 'oh what beautiful cats..' and proceeded to get down on the floor and stroke them!!! Well, he was onto a winner then with me!! Anyway, Sarah has told him everything about her past and he is so supportive. They are moving away from the area (as ex is stalking her..). Best of all.. they told us that they were getting married.. and Sarah asked me to give her away!!! I couldn't believe it and actually cried with happiness for her!!! So, there was no need to lock the family jewels away or borrow a Rottweiller!!! I genuinely liked the man.. and I am so pleased for her. I've invited them down again next month!!! Anyway, thought I'd let you all know!
    Getting onto Fat Club mode... didn't hardly eat anything on Saturday (cos of the hangover), but made up for it yesterday.. scared to weigh myself at the moment... Have a good day all!
  • Did you forget how much cream and golden syrup a bucketful of porridge can soak up too, Filbert :-)

    Enjoy your week off and the prospect of being the boss when you go back. Christmas shopping? That sounds seriously organised!

    My last patient has been even more organised. She's just given me a huge selection box for each child, and asked me what I drink. Didn't like to say "black coffee and fizzy mineral water, mostly", so I reminded her that the receptionists are the real workers in this place and we're a sharing sort of establishment. She's also been a generous sponsor of all my charity races despite being on the state retirement pension alone. Some people's openhandedness is seriously humbling.
  • Michelle

    Good news about your friend. I'm really glad she found a good one at last. Good luck and wishes for the future.
  • An eventful weekend then Michelle, at least 38 year olds generally don't want to fight everyone when they're drunk ;-)

    Cream and golden syrup - earrgh! I've never had a sweet tooth (except for chocolate, which incidently I'm doing well not to touch) which is why the honey thing doesn't work for me either. Chocolate chunks could be a winner though.

    As for being the boss. Mrs Filbert is the only real boss in this household (and would be so even if I made Chief Constable!) which also explains the Christmas shopping thing. I normally leave it until about two days before, but with the good lady on maternity leave, i've got no chance this year.
  • Michelle - glad you had a blinding weekend. Do you find that the older you get the longer it takes you to get over a good night out? Although I may have a hangover the next day I still don't feel quite right for the next few.
  • Clariss - yes, definitely.. when I got up even yesterday morning, I still felt drunk!!! Still don't feel 100% now!!! And when I was young - I used to go out 4 times a week and still get up and go to work... oh god.. how did I ever do that!!!! I am not going to drink for a while - honest!!
  • Morning all
    Feeling a bit guilty reading all these posts about how well the various races went this weekend, I did NO running. Very impressed with all your effort (wow Maccie what a time, you nead to leave and join the fast club!)
    Glad to hear that it's not just me (Im talkin about you Michelle) who still manages to get blind drunk in there 30's!
    Had a great weekend even if we just couldn't score against the pathetic Sunderland, it could have been worse we could be Leeds fans (as I recall there are a few of you 'mighty whites' out there'). My son enjoyed the day at Anfield so much, and both the kids where so spoilt by their grandparents.
    Going to sound a little sad now regarding xmas shopping....we have already bought 3/4 of the kids stuff, wrapped it and delivered it to mum and dads this weekend...well you have to be organised when you are away at xmas. Santa moves in mysterious ways!
    As for diet...well consisted of lots of beer, party food, crisps and biccies...but who cares!
  • Filbert have you and Mrs fox just had the 'cub' or is delivery imminent?
  • BBB

    Sounds like my kinda diet.
  • Where's that cute cherub gone JJ?
  • Its more than I did EP, as you said training had been difficult the 2 weeks before, you did well to compete. See it as a good long training run where you got to meet lots of nice people (but not as nice as us northerners!).....which symbol did you print on the t-shirt?
  • BBB

    This is my first ever picture of me in a race (thanks Nick B) I was very very tired. I quite like the toddler me too but very pleased with sundays run so new piccie to celebrate.
  • EP it was so nice to meet you and see you on the course.
  • JJ you look about 18 in that piccie! Is that really you from the weekend? (is that the urwfrc kit?).
  • JJ - I can't keep up with all these pictures of you! You're looking pretty lithe and lovely in this one - are you sure you should be in the Triple F Club!!
  • Not quite as lithe as I want to be. I have come a long way but as I was saying to Redhead in the pub there's about a stone of fat hanging aroun my bum and thighs I really want to be rid of. It's just excess baggage. I do hope that if I do lose it I won't be ejected from the Triple F.

    BBB why thank you sir (blush)
  • yes it's my URWFRC vest over a wimpy nike top.
  • I don't think EP is talking to me :-( she said I was too energetic at the start.
  • JJ - we'd never evict you - it just wouldn't be the same.
  • Why thank you Clariss (blushes more profusly)
  • Filbert, congratulations. And Mrs Filbert! When's the cub due? Is it your first? I hope you're looking after the boss as well as BBB is looking after his.

    JJ, you look fantastic.

    I got a comment along the "looking young" lines yesterday evening - got talking to a nice chap in (I guess) his fifties, and he asked me whether I went to St Scatterbrain's Girls School with Perry and Kevin. He was so embarrassed when I explained that Kevin was my daughter. I haven't told Kevin, because she'd find it even more gruesome than having me mistaken for her older sister.

    Being diminutive covers a multitude of wrinkles and white hairs, it seems!

    Michelle (thinking of diminutive things), I'm so glad Sarah has chosen a good one this time.
  • ps. If any of you have ever entertained notions of locking the biscuit tin away in a standard 4-drawer filing cabinet, it won't solve anything. I've lost my work filing cabinet key, and it took me less than five minutes to crack the lock, open it, and put it back together looking almost as if nothing had happened. It would probably have taken me half the time if there had been a chocolate bar in it and I was in urgent need of a fix.
  • hi, well done to all who took part in the brighton run, may make it next year.

    I had a terrible weekend food wise, curry on sat night, which I enjoyed but ate too much and felt very ill. Then pizza hut pasta for tea on Sunday, Im going to be good this week.

    Brilliant news about Sarahs new boyfriend, Michelle, whens the big day ?

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