PROVISIONAL Helphire Bath Half-Marathon



  • Beer tent!!! fab idea. Well that's the post race meeting point sorted out then!

    I think pre race we used the info tent last year which was right in the middle of the field.

  • Beer tent it is (to start with anyway)
    Getting warm here in Wick.
  • Just printed off a list on forumites and disabled notification so as not to fill my in box!!
    Hope to see some of you on Sunday - I will be i a Blue GWR top.
  • also switching off. Good luck everyone - have a great race - I'll be in DPR vest number 1955.

  • Sun is now streaming down here in Bath - hope it lasts another 48hrs
  • I'm On top of the hill in Corston and can just about see the route from here...Bathed in sunshine!
    Take plenty of fluids all!
    It's gonna be a scorcher...
  • Best of luck to everyone,especially those that I've met and talked to on the forums.
    Would have run it myself, but it clashed with a pre booked half. :-(
    Extra special good wishes to Zoom.Hope you enjoy it !!!!
  • Thanks Tinribs - you have a good one at Fleet.

    Scorchio! That beer tent is gonna be a welcome sight !
  • See you on Sunday Rog...
  • Stace, Thanks for the mail: No you cannot have a head start over the Kenyans!!!
  • Good luck everybody, see you at the beer tent.
  • As far as I know, I'll be helping in the New Balance tent. Say hello! (Ask for Jan)
  • If anybody in the Bristol area wants to run this race, I have a race pack and an injured ankle. Therefore (I know you are not supposed to run with a number not attached to you but) if somebody would like it and can collect the race number from Portishead, it's yours.

    Email me on if you would like it.

    Sorry race organisers.
  • Morning.

    Hope to see some of you tomorrow if I get there! It's in question this morning as I'm suffering with my lower back. Sod's law, it's the first time in 2 years my dodgy back has come back to haunt me. Doing everything I can to try and loosen it up today, so fingers crossed the cold baths and painkillers will do the trick.

    Good luck everyone, hope you all have brilliant races!
  • As mentioned sun is shiny nicely, but it looks like it'll be cold on the hands...
  • Fingers crossed for you, Hilly. I'm doing the same with a dodgy back of knee/hamstring thingy. Hope to see some of you forumites there!
  • See you all tomorrow everyone and good luck to you all.Really looking forward to it.

  • The fog has finally cleared - it's a bright warm sunny day here (12m East of Bath)

    Tea & Toast Man - snap! I've concluded that my dodgy back of knee is hamstring-related and not calf. It's still a bit tight today, but Tubi-Grip and a restful day should see me right.

    Good luck to everyone - hopefully meet up with as many as I can in the beer tent.
  • good luck everyone! enjoy the sunshine! Dibs
  • How long does it take to get from Odd Down on the park and ride to the race start?
  • Hilly - I'm only guessing but I'd say 15 mins travelling time would be ok, plus waiting time.
  • Hi everyone

    I'll be there supporting, because its what I'm good at:-))
    Will have some kids with me , I think, but not yet sure which ones.

    Will try and meet you at the start.

    Before the race begins we will move to see you all run past.

    Last time we stood on your right down near the first set of lights before you go under the bridge. You will have run up from the start, round the corner and back in the same direction you came from:-)))
    For the finish we'll stand on your left about halway down the finish straight.

    Looking forward to cheering on as many of you as we can spot, hope you all have a great race.


  • Thanks K2. We're aiming to get there for 9am, so half an hour to the start including waiting time shouls see me there in plenty of time.

    I just wish my back wasn't being a pain-literally!
  • Hilly - hope your back's ok tomorrow.

    Good luck!
  • Looking forward to tomorrow too. just wondered is anybody else still waitinf for their race merchandise? Boyfriend had ordered Tshirt back in Jan but still no sign - have tried emailing about it just to be told it was mailed out on 10 March! Shame as he was looking forward to getting one that fit for a change - thankfully I didn'y bother.
  • Boy Wonder - I hope that the sun has gone to bed and isn't planning to shine for 48 hours! Actually the weather sounds like it could be perfect.

    Good luck everybody, meets ups beforehand at the info tent, and afters at the beer tent. Remember to only use you forum name!

    Hope you're OK Hilly....
  • yessir Blisters:-)))
  • I'm setting off in about an hour from Dorset so I'll look out for those I can near the information tent if I can find it! Having never done Bath before I have no visualisation on where things are.

  • weather looks great at moment... overcast, still and not too hot..
  • May I be the first to congratulate the Race Director on a well organised and excellent race. Such an improvement on last year.
    A much harder course than I remember though.
    Still I got a pb at 1:26:55

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