dog bites!

I have just been hideously bitten by a dog on the side of my knee, I have one major puncture and four smaller ones, with very impressive bruising to complete the gory picture. Any thoughts on how I should treat this/how soon I can run again gratefully received


  • Nessa

    Have you been to A&E or your GP. If not go now. Firstly to get a tetanus shot - secondly to get the wound properly cleaned.

    Rover may well have been licking his bum before he bit you !!
  • just a thought are cat scratches as much of a problem - as my 2 regularly use me as a pin cushion and draw blood
    I know they react very badly to bites from other cats and i wondered if humans can be as badly affected? cant remember when I last had a tetanus
  • Nessie - sounds really horrid. Hope you've done as SF suggested, and are feeling a lot better. It must have been very scary.
    We dog owners have a lot to answer for! Those that don't control or even bother to train their dogs are the worst.

    I wonder if you should inform the police of the attack? Horrid as it was for you imagine if it had been a child?

    Bune, having animals in the house is a good a reason as any keeping your tetanus up to date. Also it stops the dreaded Doc attacking you with one of those sharp, pointy things when you err and umm about the last one!!! I'm sure they get a perverse pleasure from doing that!
    (With apologies to V-rap and other Doc's on the forum!)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Nessa - if you haven't already, clean the wound, whack on some antiseptic and go and see your doctor!

    Bune - your post reminded me of the following cautionary tale ...

    I used to live next door to a house full of students. One day, one of them showed me a very impressive cat bite he had aquired on his hand.

    The next day he showed me this little red line that was travelling up his arm from the cat bite.

    The next day the line had got even longer. he was so impressed by it, but his arm had started to swell up as well.

    So, at the insistence of everyone, he went to see his GP. She wouldn't let him leave the surgery and he was transferred immediately to hospital where he spent the next two days on a drip (antibiotics?). Apparently, the red line was some form of infection that was running up his lymphatic (I think) system, en route to his heart. Apparently, if he had ignored the symptons for another day or two, he could have died!

    On discharge from hospital, he got a HUGE b******ing from the medical staff for not seeking medical help earlier.

    True story! Apologies, V-Rap, if some of the medical details are slightly hazy/incorrect!

  • Nessa - I hope that you have gone to A&E by now and had a Tetanus injection and the wound properly cleaned. What a horrible thing to have happened..! Also, have you reported it to the Police.. if not, you really should do - as it was an unprovoked attack and it is an offence for an owner not to be in proper control of his/her dog. I really hope you feel better soon. Let us know how you get on. Take Care.
  • been bitten by a rat and a sqirrel in the past as well but dog bites are the nastiest and they really hurt! go to gp or A&E
  • I've been stung by a weaver fish and that was painful I can tell you !!
  • Nessa

    Sorry to be a nag.

    Have you been to have the wound looked at yet??

    Also you should report the attack. Next time it might be a child - and their head would be at about the same height as your knee...

    Part of my work involves dealing with cases of dogs attacking livestock - and I'm always sympathetic to the dog (which often ends up being destroyed).There are very few truly vicious dogs - just ignorant and careless owners.
  • Thanks to all for your concern - now I have to 'fess up as they say. It wasn't an unprovoked attack, nor have I reported the was my own dog that bit me! I was play fighting with my partner and scooby thought he would pitch in as well but was a bit too enthusiastic! I have washed out the wound and have been icing it as often as I can to try and get the bruising down - I want to do the Bromham 10k on 8th Dec and I need my leg back! I used to live on a farm and was always getting cuts etc so my tetanus is fully up to date. Two years ago i had a knee slit open by a horse kick! Stitches, crutches, jabs, not much fun at all... Anyone any idea how soon I could run again - bite happened Sat pm.
  • Nessa

    I've got a Rhodesian Ridgeback whose idea of a game is to get me in a headlock - so I can visualise what happened !! I once had a very embarrasing interiew with my optician with an extreemely bent pair of specs !!

    Just shows how careful you have to be...
  • Or how daft you have to be.

    Anyone who voluntarily shares their life with such clearly dangerous animals deserves everything they get.

    I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for either of you.
  • Scooby may be a little jaw happy, but I wouldn't run alone without him. He ALWAYS comes when called and has never bitten anyone else (so discerning!). A dog on a run is a hazard to others if not controlled, but from a female perspective he affords me a lot more freedom in where and when I choose to go out.

    I was threatened myself by a large, snarling pointer the other day, so I know how frighteneing it can be. Even so, I wouldn't go without scooby because he just gives me that extra reassurance.
  • Guilty as charged.

    Wasn't looking for sympathy either.

    For the record the Rhodesian Ridgeback, despite its imposing size (mine weighs more than I do), is known for having a long fuse. They do tend to be all mouth and trousers.

    My dog is kept primarily as a working animal
    (its used for herding)and is I have to say a far better mannered beast than many other dogs I meet. However I do agree that its unwise to keep such a dog with small children (All my kids are grown up), or indeed to allow it to mix with young children. Indeed where I live it rarely sees another soul and would probably run away if it did....

    Anyway Muttley - whilst we're talking about
    it how can you be daft enough to share your life with someone who's shown himself to be singularly unable to catch a pigeon ?? Next time try a twelve bore. I find that generally does the trick.

    I'd take up with that Penelope Pitstop if I were you.....

  • Good point SF! Muttley & DD can't 'stop the pigeon' at least scooby, with help from 'those pesky kids' can always get the bad guy! Think we've all lost the plot somewhat.....
  • Hi Nessa
    A few years my big friendly labrador grabbed a stick out of my hand but missed slightly, putting his tooth through my thumb nail. Within a day my hand had swollen and I had to have a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection.

    It might be worth going to the doctor just to be on the safe side...
  • Yes, all right, I let myself in for that one.

    Sassafrassrassa grrrrrr!
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