brussells marathon

is anyone going to this race and can they tell me any details.
regards ken


  • Kg - I am entered but unfortunately due to a persistent injury over last 2 months I have not completed sufficient training to tackle the marathon and am now entered in the 10k. The race starts at what was the Heysel Stadium and finshes in the City Centre. Numbers pick up is on the day at the registration point at the start. I have not been impressed with the lack of info I have received to date although there is still 3 weeks to go.
  • i have booked my flight from ryanair leave
    sat 3.50 arrive 6.25pm. possible hotel at
    the heysel stadium.
    have noticed that registration is now closed ,will have to enter on the day.
    hope things will be ok.
    have 2 races coming up
    STIRLING 10K this sunday
    DENNY 10K fortnight time
    havent really trained for a marathon since
  • alister
    finished the STIRLING 10Kin 47mins and have
    the DENNY 10K NEXT WEEK.
    possible hotel HOLIDAY INN GARDEN COURT
    located close to heysel stadium.
    may see you there.
  • Heysel is at the end of a metro line so there is no need to stay out that far. Probably safer to get something closer the centre. Is there a 1/2? I'm not fit enough to do the mara but a 1/2 could be tempting.
  • If you are flying Ryanair, they may have forgotten to mention that you are actually flying to Charleroi, and it really quite a stretch of imagination to call this place Brussels South.
    Anyway, I am not participating, I have registered, but I did not do any training whatsoever since Stockholm in May.
  • October 4th???

    Brussels ING marathon is 10th Oct

    Both myself and hubby Jon are doing this and will our first marathon:)
  • alister
    have booked up my hotel MANHATTAN which is
    very close to the GRAND PLACE .
    should arrive at hotel around 8pm then will
    have to register next day for the race .
    may see you and tiny tina there?
  • Ken,

    I am there early on Saturday so will register then. As usual I will be in a red vest with black and white shorts.

  • So, how was it?
  • One of the worst organised races I have ever been to. The advertised 10k turned out to be 11.45k so my pacing was wrong and I got caught for 3rd in the last 200m. The route map I also got did not seem to be particularly accurate either especially towards the end. The winner of the marathon went the wrong way into the Grand Place and seemed to have lost the lead car.
  • I did not do this in the end, but I must say the web site information did not look very promising ... Shame though.
  • yes i was wondering on the distance as i passed a 10k marker on the main street and then had to run into the GRAND PLACE .
    my time off 54min did not reflect on my
    usual time for a 10k race.
    having to wait for my baggage no. to be called especially in a foreign language
    did not help,but cannot fault on price.
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