Woke up this morning and as I shaved I noticed a strange new feature on my face. Closer inspection revealed that it was the appearance of my cheekbones, which for 17 years have been hidden under my chubby cheeks! Forget the dropping a trouser size or getting to my next weight target - this has chuffed me no end. Can't wait for run tonight - might find other hidden body parts tomorrow!


  • Watch it - your mates will start saying you're wasting away - look at you, you look really gaunt! Your all sagging flesh!

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (was XXXL :o)

    Mine was a more surreal moment. One morning I looked in the mirror and realised I had a neck - ie, there was a gap between where my double chins finished and my shoulders began. I went round telling everyone.

    No wonder people think I'm mad!
  • Having stared down my tshirt to check if my HRM was still in the right place, and seeing all the fat jiggling used to depress the hell out of me. Now, I know it's firmer and less tumultuous. Happy dave :)
    Had a trencher for lunch - Half a loaf of bread spread with garlic butter and chilli.
    SSSSSOOOOOOO putting back on all the weight I've lost hehehe
    Nah, I'm allowed a day off occasionally. "tomorrow is another day entirely"
  • So there's hope for my hipbones yet, then?

    Well done, Chubs.
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