Giving up drink

This is it! I'm going to attempt my toughest challenge to date - I'm giving up drink! I'm doing it partly because as I get older the hang-overs are getting way too long, partly because I want to run a sub 3 hour marathon next year and partly because I want to feel a bit better about myself.

I have run a few long races on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (my daughter has CF). I've decided that instead of extorting money from others for my Acts of Contrition I am going to make the ultimate sacrifice. I'm going to donate £1 for every day without a drink. Hopefully, this time next year I'll be sending a cheque for £365 to the Trust.

My treat to myself, if I manage to do it
will be a trip to the US to run the New York marathon. Ah well, I can
but try.


  • Ian, I wish you the best of luck and hope that your willpower is stronger than Jon's.
  • ..and indeed stronger than Barkles. Good luck young man!
    If only I had your mettle, I'd join you.
  • Good luck Ian. If you achieve your teetotal goal and do run New York count me in for £26.20 for CF.

    You can print this off and present me with the evidence of my commitment when we meet in NYC next year.
  • to help make sure you achieve it, put me down for fifty.

    see you at NYC.
  • It's actually been scientificly proven that a small amount of alcahol is good for your circulation, so instead of giving it up altogether, you should just moderate your intake.
  • Ricky - that's the straw at which I clutch desparately!!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Ian - good luck. I gave up for a few months this summer when training for a marathon & felt great for it. Once you get over ordering soft drinks at the bar for the 1st time, it gets easier.
  • Well done Ian

    Good luck in your venture, only time I could give up was when pregnant, not an option for you :-)
  • Good Luck Ian.

    I hope you fair better than my lad. He gave up to lose weight for a snowboarding holiday.

    After a few weeks he found he wasn't sleeping very well, so he went to his GP who prescribed a course of Tamazipan.

    He started to drink again...problem solved, no medication required!

    Hope you make it to NYC
  • Good luck.
  • Ermm... word from the wise! DON'T GO FOR A BEER FREE NIGHT WITH THIS LOT!!!
  • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I know that a small amount of alcohol is good for you. Trouble is, I have seldom ever had a small amount of alcohol! I was drinking about 2 or 3 times a week but it was usually a great bellyfull of beer! My last night of bachanalia - last Friday - saw me put away about 12 pints. Not good. I also ran a terrible race the next day in the local XC. I wonder why? Anyway thanks again. I'll keep you posted of progress. NYC or bust!
  • It would be interesting if you make a big improvement in your times. If you do I may be tempted to try it. After Christmas tho.
  • No chance JJ - boredom training then no-alcohol?
  • Go for it Ian. Hic.
  • Now, don't laugh... I've started to tell people that I'll be giving up in January, and this time I'm going to do it. But it's my birthday, Xmas etc... soon, so not yet. European wine river will dry up next year - just you wait
  • By the way, Ian, good luck. If you do it, so will I!
  • HO HO HO!!!
  • You can talk! Well, actually, you can't can you after a few beers...and neither can I - which is why we must do it!
  • And I recently experienced double vision - now that is bad!
  • sorry to hijack this thread - but Jon, did you go to a building with two big cats outside it today?
  • Urm.... No! Don't think so! Might've been pissed though!
  • SST...YC (mouthful!) which building is this? why would go there and are you stalking me?
  • SST...YC, what? Is this yoof, street language? Don't geddit son! As for stalking you. Yes, of course I am!
  • You're abbreviated name! Why the question?
  • And as for the cats building, I was working there today and when I signed the visitors book there was a Jon Your Surname, then I saw a young boy getting into the lift that bore resemblance to cider swigging scouse teenage looking chap I met at Windsor. Right must get on, binoculars to polish, raincoat to sponge down!
  • Urm... I was in my usual hideout... The one with Oli Cromwell outside! oh... and of course Ben!
  • Re: question just wanted to add it in my log book. I mean sorry, nothing...what question?
  • The Building!!!! Which one? Today I have written nothing!
  • I know your building well... haven't been there for years of course. Do they have Oli outside, can't say I noticed.
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