Giving up drink



  • like that:)
  • Ian
    Into a new month already - well done mate
  • I'm still on the wagon. Its been 3 weeks now and all is well. I've not lost much weight - I'm still about 80kg - but I took over a minute off my 5m pb a week last Sunday and over 2 minutes off my 10m pb last Sunday (8th). December will be the big test.
  • Ian keep up the good work!!! It was c.6 weeks after initially giving up (1 month) that I really saw the weight come off.

    I'm giving up on 12th Jan until 14th April so am hoping to lose some more weight!!

    Good luck!
  • Nice one Ian,
    Keep it up,

    All the best :-)
  • Hi Wolfy
    Ive decided that if I give up drink then Ive nothing to look 4ward 2.

    So whose round is it???????????
  • Mind you my housemate gave it up initially for 3mths but he,s decided not 2 bother coming off the wagon.
    Willpower eh!!!!
    Coincidense or what, his name is IAN as well.

    hang on 2 the wagon mate, well done.
  • Nicko: No what you mean! I must admit when I stop drinking I think that every day so I go and buy myself some new clothes which usually cheers me up!!!

    Mines a chablis please!!!!!

    Why are we talking about giving up booze with Xmas round corner.......flippin madness, if ever we had an excuse to be drunk and merry!
  • Ian
    Well done mate, take care
  • Ian, you amaze me
    i couldnt do it
    well done
  • Ian - 3 more weeks and you'll be able to look back with satisfaction while others still search for their wallets and nurofen, seriously good luck over the next few days
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