I hate Mondays

As Monday afternoon wends its excruciatingly slow way towards 5:30, I wonder to myself why I sup ale on a Sunday night. After a good weekend of training runs and eating lots of the right foods - and even missing the rugby in the pub - along comes Sunday night and before I know it I'm slightly befudduled watching 'Judge Dread' on TV!

And how high and bleeding mighty did I feel when my running partner cried off on Saturday morning due to being hijacked by Mistress Stella and the Fosters Brothers!

His turn to laugh at me tonight as I cough up the fags I said I would never smoke again and sweat out the bevvies. And I know the swine will take me for a epic this evening!

Never again! (I suppose I could pop out for a few when Wales play the All Blacks though!)

Anyone else suffer from weak resolve when faced by alcohol and rugby union?


  • All the time Urksider all the time -

    Remember "Somedays you get the hangover, and sometimes the hangover gets you"


    "Nobody ever had a prayer answered whilst worshipping the great white toilet god"

    I just made those up and they're naff, they miss the point, but i'm sticking to them.
  • Totally appreciate your points there guys, I find that drinking on Sunday night is a method of stretching the weekend cos I don't want to go back to work. For my sins i always run on a Monday night and it's always the hardest of the week but you do still need a life and drinking is one of my favorite sports.

    Had my first real hangover in ages the other day - only 8 pints, must have been cos of a cold!
  • Sorry forgot to add, nice to see someone else can't stay off the fags, addicted to Old Holborn that's my trouble.
  • No surely drinking on a school night is merely carbo loading.
    Andy (carbo loading as he writes)

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