Trail Shoes for Pronators

Anyone tried the Asics Trabuco shoes? They are supposed to be especially for overpronators. I've bought a pair and am starting to run them in.

Just wondered...

Creamcake (CC)


  • Just wondering what percentage of the running population either over- or under-pronate?Are there any trail shoes with support features?Cheers...
  • Sensible

    Both the Brooks Trespass (reviewed in the latest RW) and the Adidas Supernova Trial have second density medial posts - on the inside edge of the midsole - to help control pronation. The Asics Gel Nandi from a couple of years ago was also a good shoe for the trail running looking for stability, and you might be able to pick up a pair from some of the retailers featured in the magazine or here on the website.

  • But the Trespass look soooooooooo nasty!
  • Rob

    I've looked at the review link. Looks like I've picked the right shoe! I've only been running for about 20 months (but had about 3 months lay off this year due to broken toe and illness). I'm not a fast runner (around 10min/mile on the road) so weight of shoe doesn't really bother me. Maybe when I get a bit faster it might do!

    Thanks for the link.

  • My personal experience suggests that overpronation doesn't seem to be much of a prblem off-road. I do overpronate but its not caused me any problems off road probably because you tend to use your feet differently to road running. I use Walshes which are a very lightweight shoes with no stability features at all.

    In fact I was so surprised by this discovery that I've ditched my supportive and cushioned road shoes in favour of lightweight racing shoes to see whether that would be an improvement - and it is.

    I suppose what I'm saying is don't worry about overpronation off-road - would anybody else agree with this or am I just a crackpot that should be ignored ?
  • Tom
    I think controling (or accomodating) overpronation in an off road shoe is very difficult as each footfall isn't going to be on an even platform and when it is the differing densities of soil, stones etc under foot make it even harder to achieve.

    From my understanding this is why the trabuco has a pronation block as it is an on and off road shoe.
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