Warwickshire / Warwick running clubs

I've only been running (V. slowly) for about 3 months. With the nights drawing in I was hoping to find some people to run with so tentively approached my local club (Keniworth).

I explained that I'm still run/walking (longest running "bits 12 mins at 'mo, but trying!). I was told (nicely I hasten to add) that they didn't have any provision for absolute beginners and to contact them again when I "can run comfortably for 30 minutes at 9-10 minute mile pace". Fear I am a way off acheiving this at the 'mo (but working on it!
Can understand why they say this, but was maybe hoping for a little more understanding / encouragement!
Anyone else got any thoughts?
Thanks, Mavis


  • My firs "race" was the Birmingham Flora Light Womens' challenge, maybe it gave me a bit of a "rose tinted", cuddly view if the running community!
  • Oh dear, my thread has died before its even begun.

    No one out there know about Warwickshire running clubs?


    Anyone there?
  • Sorry can't help, but suspect you need to give it a little more time?

    Perhaps till Monday when the weekdayers are in?
  • If you are not aware of all the clubs in Warwickshire, here is a list:

    Club Finder
  • Mavis

    Iam a member of the Centurion running club based in North solihull (about 15-20 mins drive from you)we meet on tue and thurs .We run a beginers club on tue for women,go to our website enturionrunners.co.uk .Any problems let me know
  • sorry Mavis just checked our website the address is centurionrunners.org.uk hope this helps
  • Hi Mavis,

    I'm a member of Spa Striders in Leamington. We probably have a lot more speeds than Kenilworth and we have just had a few more people who have just started, so the range is widening.

    We meet at the Tennis Club on Guys Cliff Avenue (off Rugby Road) on Mondays and Wednesdays running at 7:30pm. If you're interested then please send me an email and we can talk about it more.

    Another option is doing a search for running partners in the area. You will probably find there are lots of people in a similar situation to you. There is an address which I will try and find for you.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mavis
    The women's running network which puts like minded women together is highly spoken of.
    You need to try and find Shades on the forums as she is heavily involved in this I believe.
    You could try posting on General asking for advice from Shades specifically?
  • Many thanks for the advice and encouragement all.

    Am just off on hols for 2 weeks, so unless I find an internet cafe will be "away" for a bit.

    Will check out the website Jason, thanks.

    Drummer boy, wiil contact you on return from hols. Thanks also.
  • Mavis,

    I don't what level you are at the moment and whereabouts you are in Warwickshire, in Nuneaton there is a women's running group connected to Etone Sports Centre (I've not been to them yet).

    If you are local to Nuneaton could we perhaps talk about meeting up and running. My partner is so much faster than me so can't run with him! Send me an email if you are.
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