Sharp Knee Pain

Starting to increase training and find that occasionally - even after warming up - on starting to to jog I get a sharp stabbing pain on the upper front part of my right knee or just above. The knee occasionally aches afterwards and strangely at nighttime in bed. This is the same leg that was determined to overpronate more and be flat footed so I am now wearing orthotics. It doesn't happen everytime but certainly grabs my attention when it does. Also if I squat it a pain occasionally snatches across the upper front part of the knee. Could this be a plica problem??


  • sounds like you may have tight quads..try some easy stretching before and after exercise...grasp your ankle and pull your heal up to your buttox-or as near as poss..hold for 30 secs then repeat
  • I'll give that more of a go than I have been!
  • I've had exactly the same problem and I then discovered my right leg is 12mm shorter than the left. I have been wearing a heal raise in all my footwear for about a month and the problem has nearly cleared up.
  • Hmm - I'll check it but I don't think this is my prob - thanks all the same.
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