Polar s610i or something else?

I'm thinking of upgrading from a Polar M52 to a S610i.

I like the Polar brand (was very happy with the M52 for 3 years), but is there anything else out there which is equivalent? I bought Polar before because it matched the equipment at my gym, but as I've hit the roads and ditched the gym, it's no longer a requirement.

I need the HRM to be downloadable to pc, do splits, have both average and max HR for splits and overall run. High and low alarms.


  • I love the Polar brand too lmg but have always been a massive Suunto fan (stems from Diving). Check some of these out. Remember they are a tad expensive but a lot cheaper and sexier than a Tag say.


  • S625x, got a couple of months to save for the extra features.
  • Oooooo! The Suunto looks lush, but can I justify spending £270 when I don't really need an altimeter and barometer? A very sexy piece of kit though.

  • I've got an S610 and it's bloody brilliant! The only issue is do you want to know how fast your going?

    If you want to know your HR and be able to analyze it afterwards the 610 is the mutts nuts! Also has programable intervals, great graphs of HR for the PC and pretty neat software.

    Check out the S625x as well, that has the speed and most of the features of the 610 I think. Costs more though...
  • I have both the s610 and the s625x. The major difference is that the s625x gives you speed and distance.(costs more $).

    The s610 ran flawlessly for 3 years. the only problem is the band broke.

    The s625x is a little more technical to setup.
  • I have a Garmin Forerunner for the distance. I am the bionic woman when I go running - HRM + GPS + mobile phone for emergencies...
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