Race jam 2003

Right - virgin new diary 2003 on desk - prep races for April 'thon required.


Let's see, Dartford 10 - ok, but 26th Jan, Canterbury 10 clashes with Benfleet 15 - hhmm, let's choose Canterbury, as you get a long sleeve T there.


Essex 20 on 2nd (of course), what next?

Tunbridge Wells Half, Wokingham Half, Reading Half, Paddock Wood Half, Hastings Half, Salisbury Half, Camberley Half, Brentwood Half, Fleet Half, Watford Half, Gatwick Half, Berkhamstead Half, Cranleigh 15 (or 21?), Bramley 20, Worthing 20, Finchley 20, Barry 40, 40! - perhaps not, Coniston 14 (too far) Kingston Breakfast 16 (too early)
Sepentine 5K ( save that for the taper).

Dazed & Confused - close diary & open again on January 1 (oh no, Sepentine 10K that morning - chuck diary away).


  • Will join you at Reading, Salisbury, Bramley and possibly Wokingham. Whats the date for Fleet?
  • Fleet clashes with Hastings (which I'm already entered for) on 16 March.

    In fact, a lot of these prep races clash with each other, which is why I'm D & C!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Tadworth 10, Epsom 2000 perch, Watford half, 26.2 rrc 10k, Bramley 10 or 20, Camberley half, Cranleigh 15 or 21, Woking 10, FLM. Depends where you live really and how far you're willing to travel.
  • St Albans 10, Wokingham half, Bramley 20, Berkhampstead 5 + Half, Cranliegh 21, Kingston 16, FLM
  • Blimey, you're all so organised.
  • Not used to forward planning, I've always been more of a spur of the moment person so it worries me that I've already got races planned for Jan/Feb/Mar.

    Mind you, it worries hubby an awful lot more! :)
  • boing (for Neilruns attention)
  • cheers Snoop. Thought of running 20 miles round Essex on Feb 2 is a chilling reminder of what this marathon lark is really all about. Oh well...
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