Osteopath or Physio

A bit of advice. I've done something to my right knee from running. Being a bit of a Tight Scots Git I'm hesitant about where to go for help. Some sporty friends suggest a Sports Physio while another (this one an very serious ex-runner) suggests an Osteopath to help re-align me.

I don't fancy forking out twice so I was wondering which option you would suggest is best




  • Think it depends whether you are suffering from a isolated knee problem or a spinal condition.
    I have a back complaint which causes all kinds of injuries to occur in my right leg.
    Different physios can tend favour certain types of treatment.A particular physio I have used was a bit of a 'bone cruncher',whereas another prefered gentler massage and heat treatments.
    I would suggest going to a physio first to get a diagnosis and leaving the osteopath for a later time if things don't improve.
  • Cheers Danny

    The Runner I know suggetsed my hips may be out of alignment which could cause the knee injury as it only ever appears with my Right Knee (hence why the suggested Osteopath).

    But I reckon you're right and I'll give the physio a go first for a general diagnosis.

    Thanks again

  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    Martin, I would also suggest physio first. Have a back problem which causes problems in back, hips and left leg and although I've tried osteopath and chiropractor, I should have stuck with the physio - guess until I tried the others I didn't realise how good the physio was. Recovery from most injuries seem to involve some treatment, but mostly stretching and strengthening exercises - and in my experience (not that I'm an authority of course) the physio is good at diagnosing the problem and setting the schedule for recovery. Good luck.

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