Gatliffe 31, 23 or 12....miles ;-)

Say Hi if you are doing this, I'm going for the 31m (leaf sweeping back injury permitting..) and expect to start at 08:00 to 08:30ish (first "Runners" supposed to Start at 08:30 & first "Joggers" supposed to Start at 08:00) - I'm going to sneak in with the Joggers as I want to go out in the afternoon...
Race Details
31,23, or 12 miles in 10 hours. All circular routes from Edenbridge F.C. in Kent. The routes follow footpaths and tracks through countryside. Start 07:00 to 10:30 hours. Entry £5.50, £5 & £3.50 [ £1 more on the day]. This includes drinks at all 5 Checkpoints and food at halfway CP. Showers, hot food and certificate at finish.

Organised by Croydon Outdoor Pursuits Group. Start when you like, times logged at start, dependent on distance/runner/walker/jogger.

SAE: Dick Ockenden, 2 Heathway, Chaldon, Surrey. CR3 5DL. [Tel. 01883-346215] Email


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