10k help please

My wife and I were planning to do the Blenheim 10k this weekend but it's full! Does anyone know of a 10k race this weekend we could do instead?


  • Chelmsford 10KM is also being run on Sunday.
  • If anyone has an entry to this race taht they are not going to use please let me know and we will buy off you!
  • Parsnip, do you mean the Blenheim 10K or the Chelmsford? I believe that the latter is not fully subscribed and the chap in charge (Roy) would probably squeeze you in anyway.

    Bit of a hike to Essex I know but the route is quite scenic and the weather looks to be OK.

    Hope to see you there.
  • I did mean the Blenheim 10k but thanks anyway. The Chelmsford race is just a bit too far to drag the kids along too!
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