1st 10k

I've been running for about 4 months and am about to do my 1st 10k in a couple of weeks, been training on treadmill and round the park (on grass & hills, but have found that tough). I've managed to do 44:28 on the treadmill on 2% incline, can anyone predict what my 10k (flat)road time would be. I don't want to do a 10k road run now to find out as a. there are no flat roads round here and b. I'd like to find out it's easier on race day (if it is!).


  • Blimey ! That's a hell of a time. Very impressive.

    Jenny - most people quote a 1% incline equals road running.

    Adrenaline and the thrill of chasing people should reduce that time.

    That time would be 4 mins 24 secs per Kilometer - so use your stopwatch and the Km markers and monitor your times like that.

    Stay with that time and see how you go, and if you feel good at half way - try pushing it a little bit.

    Danger is if you get caught up and go off too fast - you'll pay for that.

    Brilliant time though - were you v sporty before this ?
  • Thanks for the advice Cougie.

    I went down the gym a bit but gave that up as it was too sweaty, too smelly and too many poseurs. Used to play squash but gave that up as I got too many bruises. I wasn't fit, but we bought a treadmill in May so I do get to run regularly now and I push myself till I drop as I am too proud and stubborn to turn the speed down. I realise things might be a little different on the road.

    I actually find road a bit nearer 2% than the quoted 1%, better to be save than sorry. I train on 3% now.

  • god good going Jenny, my first 10k took 74 mins but I did have rain, mud and those hills. You're fast! Wait til the race day if its your first, if you predict and get it wrong and you come out slower you'll be disappointed. Just enjoy the day and it will give you a PB to work on!
  • I'm hoping for a still day, don't mind a little rain, but there will be no mud or hills! Don't mind wind as much as when I first started though.

    I don't think I'm fast at all - you don't know I almost kill myself every run. Not sure I'm meant to though according to training schedules.
  • I kill myself everytime, there's enjoyment in it somewhere...I think it must be at the end! You will sound like you will do fine, I look forward to hearing how you get on!
  • As the others said--great times, Jenny! Please do be careful with over-training or you'll wind up on the injury forum with the rest of us.
  • Hi Johnny

    I do have plenty of days off, run max 4-5 days a week and do have what I call easier days where I do the treadmill's programs (for shorter sessions) but I still like to push hard. I haven't had any injuries as yet luckily, the nearest was twisting my ankle a bit in the park.

    As winter is approaching I can't see myself going outside more - I don't like cold and wet. But at the moment I am trying to compensate for the lack of road with about 10k of grass and hills once a week.
  • Glad to see I'm not the only one with masochistic tendencies! I'd rather lard out with a bowl of chips in front of the telly than plod for ages. What's the point?

  • oh those were the days, chips and telly!
  • Hey Jenny, you sound like you'll do fine. I only started running 3 months ago and ran my first 10k a couple of weeks ago, finishing in 50.44. There was plenty of hills and wind to make sure it wasn't achieved easily. Had a great time doing it and looking forward to my next one.

    Good luck!
  • under 42mins
  • Under 42 mins???!!! No way on earth.

    Thanks for all your messages and support. I'm desperate to do sub 47, happy to achieve sub 46. I'll start on 4:30/km and hopefully be able to hang on. If I'm lucky I might be feeling good after 7k and can turn it up.

    I've deliberately done a lot on hilly grass and 3% treadmill - I do run a bit on tarmac/path and that is a real relieve. Must say with the treadmill I don't have to contend with cold, dark, wet, diesel fumes, rampant dogs, wide people...

    Johnny, I will look at wider angles to training, but it's only in the last couple of months I started running outside. Now I've learnt about fartleks and am doing some uphill ones in the park with recovery jogs in between. I am a lot fitter now than I used to be and probably compared to a lot of people, so I'm really too smug to give up! My goal is to one day do 42 min 10k.
  • Well done JJ for a V60!

    I am a little younger than you so maybe that's why I can get away with doing silly things like pushing myself to the absolute max. I have used a HR monitor before but got such a fright (over 200)I'd now rather not know. My recovery is now pretty good, I can get my breath back in about 30 secs, much better than before. Believe me, running is a lot gentler on the body than squash!

    Maybe I'll see you at a sprint finish at some race? :-)
  • if u can do a 44-28 on a 2 or 3% incline then on a flat road u should be able to take 15 secs a km off. if the flat road has bumps any extra time going up can be gained on the downslope.
  • Hi PonyExpress

    Thanks for your vote of confidence! However I don't really believe it until I've proven it, so we'll have to see. 15 secs per km off means sub 43 and that really is going some.

    I did a 10k on a different treadmill last night at 2% also, pushed like mad and only managed 44:50 - a much firmer board I think, has give which is sapping, but no bounce. Also, I don't think I could push as hard on the road, matter of willpower.
  • JennyD, I have to second what JJ and a couple of others have said.- It doesn't matter how old you are.- pretty much no-one gets away with blasting themselves to the absolute max every run they do.- Suddenly, and probably without warning, everything will fall apart and you will be posting about the misery of not being able to run for a week, or a fortnight, or a month or 6 months depending on what you're unlucky enough to damage.(I've been out for the best part of 5 months so far)

    - That being said, your times are fantastic, and racing is different, chasing people down/trying not to let them get away from you is hugely motivating.-

    Good luck.
  • Hi I p

    No, I don't blast myself every time, just when I want to prove myself. I probably do a lot fewer miles than most of you! That was the only 2nd 10k I've done this month, I probably do no more than 5-7k each time, a variety of intervals and hills, about 4 days a week. I do struggle on a 10k (in one go) and I've only done it 3 times in all. I'm vegging out this week before next weekend, running tomorrow and Thurs and that's it, stuffing my face with loads of carbs :-) By the way, it's Southend - you can't get much flatter than that.

    I do hope I'll feel better motivated with others around me on the road though.

    By the way, it's not just me who's slower on this new treadmill, my husband is too - we're both about 2 mins slower for a 7k on 3%. Ouch! So, I was quite chuffed that I managed a sub 45 10k(2%).
  • Arghhhhhhh!

    I’m doing my first 10K this weekend, and reckon it’s going to take me about an hour and a quarter!!

    Crikey, that must mean I’m REALLY rubbish! And I was so proud of myself for managing to build up the stamina to run for that long!!!

    Anyone else just plod through?
  • Roxie


    We all have to build up from somewhere, you'll improve. You're only racing against yourself and the clock, don't worry about what others are doing. There'll always be someone faster than you no matter what your level (even Paula Radcliffe).

    If you can beat yourself on your 2nd 10k, you can be really proud!

    At least you have the stamina to keep going for 10k, I'm scared I might have to stop and walk!
  • Thanks! I’m in a bit of a panic about it anyway — I’ve only ever done 5Ks before now and am quite new to running.

    I think I’ll just see finishing as a massive achievement, and if I don’t come last, then that’s even better!

    Good luck with your run!
  • forget willpower ...just get mean..let your competitive spirit out of its box..think winner.

    good luck but above all ...enjoy the day
  • PonyExpress, er...thanks. I'll try not to let the old git beat me :-)

    I'll let you all know next week how I get on...I hope I'm not going to make a prat of myself.
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