Serpentine Speed Track Sessions

Are there any Serpies out there going to this?

I'm a Serpie who has yet to pluck up the courage to go to a track speed session, but since they are doing this benchmarking session I thought I'd give it a go.

For anyone who doesn't know what's planned on the night they will test us at

1 mile
& a 15 minute time period to see how many laps we can run in that time.

And apparently there is plenty of rest time between each distance. (Good!)

They also will take a few details from us about our current training and about our goals for the coming year.

It's starts at 7pm on 21st (this Thursday) at Battersea Running Track (details on the serpie website.)

You must be a Serpie member to attend.

Anyway, has anyone done the track sessions before as I'm extremely nervous about this!?




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