Whistling Saucony's

My Saucony Grid Stabils have just started to whistle at me following a 12 mile run. Nothing tuneful you understand, just the sound air being sucked in and expelled from the midsole.

I've only done about 100 miles in them, so it can't be normal wear and tear, but is it a problem that'll effect their performance? Should I send them back? Any ideas?


  • Aha! So someone else has experienced this - thought it was only me. Must be some design quirk. My Stabils started whistling straight out of the box. But they're still fine after 250 miles. In fact, they were last heard whistling the tune to 'New York, New York' during the marathon earlier this month.
  • Thanks T&T man. Mine have piped up with "The sun 'aint gonna shine anymore" this morning.
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