Oakley Thump sunnys with MP3 player


  • hell yes. If I had money
  • Actually, I'm a bit moist from just looking at them.
  • [picks up jaw from floor and mops up drool]

    but what if it isn't sunny?
  • I'd buy them just for the name!
  • If it isn't sunny, you damn well turn on all your lights and sit at home in front of a big mirror
  • Oakley Thump?

    Wasn't that an episode of The Goodies?
  • Nice idea, but a bit crazy. Glasses and MP3 players ? Whats next ?

    Hearing aids with built in night vision ?

  • Can u get a national health version, complete with sellotape on the arm?
  • I have just soiled my pants from the excitement, now off to get another credit card and ORderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • why oh why did I have to look at this thread......I thought I had most things oakley do...apparantly not....well not YET !!!!
  • and answer to your question WS yes I guess I will !
  • Ooooh oooooh oooooh - you can order them today !

    Sooo coool. But soooo expensive.

    Anyone want to buy me a pair ?
  • defo. not cool.

    anything oakley = not cool
  • "but what if it isn't sunny?"

    Aren't the lenses interchangeable? You could then just switch them for clear/tinted/high-contrast lenses instead...

    Must admit, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. No annoying wire to flap around or get tangled, no unit to attach to your body, etc...

    Still at $500 I'll be sticking to my £19.99 non-MP3 quality bargain dhb triple lens sunglasses from Wiggle...
  • Do you have to have the tattoo on your throat too?


    Have a friend who's sponsered by oakley or was so I may be able to get a nice discount...

    Now to sell my granny
  • JT - apparently the lenses flip up. Freaky eh ?

    Throat Tatoo - optional extra - $50.
  • I am an Oakleys fan - owning over the years upwards of 8 pairs or more.....However on this occasion, I am not impressed. Defo not cool (or perhpas just toooo cool) for a dumpy bloke like me.
    I will stick to the 2 items seperately.
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