Berlin marathon 2003

I am hoping to run a trip for my local club to Berlin Marathon next September. Has anyone done it this year? I could do with some tips on where to stay.

I have heard there is a half Marathon running on the same day, is this true?


  • Muzza,

    I've run Berlin this year and last. We stayed in Wilmersdorf in a Pension Bella on Pariser Strasse (the nearest U-Bahn is Spichernstrasse I think) and prior to that also on the Pariser strasse Pension Elton. Of the two I preferred the latter, both did pre marathon early morning breakfasts, and its about a 10min walk to the start in Ernst Rohm Platz.

    Around Pariser strasse there were a number of really nice little restaurants, and bars yum. The marathon itself is well organised but get to the expo early on the Saturday before it becomes packed, and don't forget the free pasta. You get given a goody bag before the marathon, and this year it had some useful stuff in it. A really nice fabric adidas bag (to shove your dirty running clothes in) and a wrist band to store keys in.

    After you finish you can get your results printed out immediatly and you get free beer!

    There isn't a half run at the same time (well there wasn't this year!), but there is inline skating (starting earlier than the runners). Beware there is no klaxon/gun at the start they just play music.
  • Parky,

    Thanks for the info! I`ll get my travel agent onto it. Did you have a good run? I hear it`s fairly flat.
  • Its very flat, and fast. I got a new pb there breaking sub 3 so I was really chuffed (and celebrated by downing lots of lovely German beer! :o) ).

    The start is really wide, so although its quite crowded at the start you can run more or less from the off. There did use to be a bottleneck around the brandeburg gate, as there were only 3 entrances open, but now its been completely renovated so maybe all 5 entrances will be open.

    Hope you enjoy
  • If I break the 3 like you i`ll be very happy! I done Cardiff in sept. I done 3:00:08 I know it doesn`t get much closer than that! and Dublin a few weeks back 3:01:22 Gutted! My next Marathon will be London so I`m hoping, but if not Berlin.
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