Numb foot

Despite investing in the most expensive shoes I have ever bought (Asics Gel Cumulus IV), when I run for more than 30 minutes my right foot still becomes completely numb. The sensation returns after a few minutes of stopping. I am a 38 year old under pronator with size 7 and a 1/2 feet, large frame and 91 Kg weight. Any advice on what this could be and how I can run for longer.


  • JH, like the Pixie I don't know if this is any help but ........ have you looked back at when this happens? I know you said it was after 30 mins & on your right foot, but is this on a flat surface, straight, non-camber or what? I ask because I would find it very difficult to run in my locality for 30 mins without some change in the conditions. Might they be an influential factor affecting your numbness? If not, then at least you can disregard the possibilities.
    Good Luck with your running.
  • JH, I've had this problem for a number of years, and it emanates from the sciatic nerve in my back. I can run about 5km before the numbness starts, it usually stays with me until I've done about 7 miles and then goes away. You might want to get your back looked at.
  • Make sure it's not a blood supply problem.
  • Hi John,
    It's funny you should say that. Whilst out running last night, I thought I should make exactly the same post. Like you, I invested in a new pair of shoes (only 4th time running in them)-Brooks Beasts to be precise, on the advice of the Runners Need shop diagnosis (swapped from Asics Nimbus iv). I have since suffered a mild numbness in my left foot. I've loosend the laces and to my knowledge, I dont have a back problem.
    My next move is to alter the way the shoes are laced. If you look at the RW main page, there is an article on how to lace your shoes to match your foot type. Perhaps this might help... see what you think.
    Kev H.
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