welcoming, warm and intermittemtly wobbly club , Weds 20th

Nice to see all the new visitors yesterday
This is SUCH a supportive forum
Check out Pixies virtual training thread from yesterday
whaddya think??
It sort of happens on here anyway, and personally i find the official training thread somewhat intimidating, cos youre all so superhuman on there, well done
Hopefully i will be up for early am run


  • thought id dress up for the occasion!
  • hello and goodbye - won't be here for a couple of days, so hope you all run lots and eat little (yeah right ;) )

    later! :)
  • Morning Early Birds!

    Lovely out there this morning - dry, fresh & cloudy! Managed usual 1 1/2, but still can't get under 18min , will I ever?!!!

    With the silly season approaching an idea -
    (filched from hubby'sRowing Site)

    "The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket"

    Have a good Wednesday all - 1/2 day for me Yipee!
  • 20 mins slow jog in rain
    Apparently 2.13 on pedometer
    Better than nothing!
  • Hilary - I like that, think I might pass that on today.
    Benz - well done you, 20 minutes anything is better than nothing and you got out there (and in the rain too!).
    Am going to sort kids out for nursery/school and then try a run before work but it just depends how much daughter drags her feet (declares she has another earache - then find out she has a new teacher today!!).
    Was very, very bad last night - lost count of number of packets of Nice n Spicy Nik Naks consumed - I've now got a spot on my tongue (always a sign my diet is down the toilet).
    Have already started to make shepherd's pie for tonite so am feeling better already.
    Have a great day.
  • Morning all

    The recent blues are starting to reseed (I hope) – thanks for your support – I used to suffer from bad depression a lot at one time, more so in the winter but since I started to exercise it has not affected me as much

    Had a really hard 6 miler last night (Race pace) and felt good at the end followed by a tasty supper of what I call alternative burgers, which are:

    A large mushroom (bun size) de-stalked
    Chop a lean piece of bacon into the mushroom
    Add grated cheese (mature cheddar or Feta)
    Top off with a thick slice of a beef tomato
    And cook in a pre-heated oven (200) for 17 mins
    Serve in a Bun with brown sauce to taste

    I had 2


  • Hi all. Glad you're back Benz. WW, well done for your openness - I know it helps others.

    I'm off to a Quiet Day (with me there - not a chance!) today. Had my first post-Brighton run this morning - just a couple of miles. Easiest run I've ever done. Hope it lasts.

  • Morning all, dreary day here. Know what you mean about winter blues WW, our household always suffers. Glad you're feeling a bit better today.

    Gym and run this afternoon followed by riding (dressage test today, gulp!). Am going to try the new upper body exercises today.

    Good luck to everyone weighing-in today.
  • Good Morning to you all,

    Great Sassie. I have only raced a couple of times but i think the "buzz" you get from it seems to reflect in training and really helps with motivation.

    I jogged for 20mins last night with my sons Alexander (13) and Sam (7 - he did 10mins)as post Brighton recovery.

    Ran solidly this morning over a decent cross country course for 40mins and am feeling great.

    I was going to take kit to work but I think the weather is going to worsen.

    Hope you all have a good day.

  • morning all- great run last night and kept the beer intake down too!
  • I've started off well - have eaten an orange... and not of the chocolate variety either!!

    Teaching until lunchtime today and then off home. Will unfortunately be stuffing face with as much fodder as possible today - chemo day tomorrow and I'm going to be NOT taking the anti-nausea stuff (so might be sicker than usual) and not able to eat for a couple of days.

    Later gators
  • Good morning, fit folks.

    Respect for getting out there this morning. Not for me! It's full-headlights and double-wipers weather here, and if I'd had a mobile phone I'd have called a taxi to take me the 100m or so from my car to the surgery door.

    But been fairly good overall. Did a mountain of ironing last night, got paperwork down to a few administrative letters, managed to confine evening junk-food intake to a couple of pieces of maple pecan toffee, and went to bed an hour earlier than usual. Still didn't fancy taking my feet off the hottle-bottle and putting them on the floor this morning.

    I might take inspiration from EP and brave the gym again this evening, just to do some weights.

    Like the burger idea, WW. Does it work with other meats, or does it have to be bacon?
  • Cath

    Good luck tomorrow – will be thinking of you


    Most meats will work – but only used a small amount – I use bacon as I like the smoky taste and if you are a Vegy you can replace the meat content with chopped olives
  • Olives - of course! I don't always have bacon available, and was trying to think of other things with an equally strong flavour that would work with the mushrooms.

    Might try anchovies. I've usually got half a jar of those in the fridge.

    Cath, none of the rules apply to you. I hope you've got a good spread laid in for tonight. Anything to put a silver lining on the big grey chemotherapy cloud.

    Maccy, well done those boys. I had a seriously chuffed Kevin on my hands yesterday because at PE the class had been made to go round the playing field alternately walking, jogging slow, jogging fast and sprinting, and she'd lapped half the class and been beaten only by a long-leggety girl who was a good sprinter. There's distance running in them genes, all right. As Kevin is a little chunky thing, I'm sure she surprised a few people.
  • V-rap -- I'm going home at lunchtime, via the cake shop ... I thought maybe if I take the Onc a cake he'll put a line in :o) He needs fattening up anyway - he's like a needle!
  • Cath - enjoy that food today girl and good luck for tomorrow.
    Will - glad you're back with us.
    v.rap - ironing? I thought you pulled it all out of the basket, folded it and put it away!
    Kids off my hands at 8.30 so went out for 1/2 hour and off to work now. Doesn't running first thing set you up for the day. Mind you, I need a little something to eat now before getting my butt in the car!
  • Good idea, Cath - both the line and the cake. The person who said that the wheels of social interaction are lubricated by white lies had obviously not discovered the power of cakes and flowers.

    Hey, that rhymes a bit, maybe there's a silly 4-line verse in there somewhere.
  • Cath, perhaps WW and I should pay him a visit?
  • Barkles -- I'm not one to incite others to violence but if he comes around to my way of thnking then, that would be cool ;)

    V-rap -- she was a poet and didn't know it [snigger] Sorry, I've waited years to use that in the general course of things

    cake it is then.. any suggestions..? I'm thinking eclair...
  • Morning all.
    What an inspiring lot you are. Have a thumping headache so thought I would skip the run but you've all put me in the mood for one now. Will have to be later as I have things to do first but I WILL go out after lunch.

    Hi Cath, I am only just catching on to who people are etc. ( I'm a bit slow sometimes ,Doh!!) so can I say Hi and good luck for 2moro.

    Thanks again to EP for her thread on Speedy, and for all your kind messages, She sounded a lot more like herself yesterday evening....keeps asking when she will be allowed to run again!!!!

    Weigh in tonight, don't think it will be very good but if I have stayed the same I will be a happyish snail.

  • Names.... we need names...
  • btw, all you guys who said I needed to change my name....if I EVER....get down to 50 for a 10k I will adopt the suggestion of Turbo Snail.....but I wouldn't hold your breath.......
  • Well spotted, Clariss!

    Unfortunately, out of two baskets of ironing there had to be just a few things that couldn't be folded up and put away.

    The frustrating thing is that just as I'd put the iron away, Kevin appeared with her favourite (only!) dress and demanded, "WHY haven't you bothered ironing MY dress when you know I'll NEED it at the weekend?" (Kevin doesn't do "asking", she does "aggrieved interrogation"). So the ironing basket isn't completely empty.
  • Barkles, have I lost the plot...what for....?
  • Morning all. Just a quick one for now as I've got to try to build a new bed today (not from scratch you understand, just put one together.

    Porridge again today in more modest proportions and a trip to the supermarket later for one (or more likely two) of Wild Wills' burgers.

    Not sure about the new pic, can't really make out waht it is. Watch this space.
  • Have fun, Filbert. Oh, the joys of self-assembly furniture!

    I told Tinkerbell that the fox with the bleeding mouth would be disappearing. She said, "Aaaaaw, I really LIKE that poorly fox. And the snail, and the hippo drinking lemonade, and the mousie. But I HATE the smelly dinosaur."

    The foxes around here don't look much like your new pic.
  • Looks a bit like an Arctic fox
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