Psis Wednesday session

Where are you
Im planning a short run if i can get up


  • Here!

    I was getting ready for tomorrow (well, later today). Won't be on the site for a few days as I'm going to visit the Royal School of Artillery.

    What: I have no idea, but it will be vigorous.
    Why: 14 Regt Royal Artillery are running the show today, and they love the hard physical fitness.

    Last hard: Definitely will be today.
    Last rest: Yesterday, comparatively.
  • also, I won't be posting this therad tomorrow or friday! due to me not being here obviously

    so ... could benz or godzilla or etc. please do it? please and thank you :)

    (yes, I know it got along perfectly well before I showed up, but back then it was being posted at the slack time of say 06:00am .. not the hard-core time of 00:02am except by Cath once in a fit of outstandingness ;) )
  • what : light gym session am and club run tonight
    why : ummm. can i come back to that one.
    last hard : sunday
    last rest : yesterday

    just one other point, i saw an advert on the BBC last night for the sports personality awards. Every body needs to vote for Paula Radcliffe. I'm sure you will anyway. It will (in my opinion at least) be a travesty if she doesn't get it but all the votes count. I told my wife i'd leave the country if she didn't win and shes been on the redial button for Beckham ever since. D'oh!!
  • Hey Benz, hope that's not work induced late night/early morning candle burning. Very bad for training, I hear. (work, that is)

    What: 3M, variable, including some short very fast bits.
    Why: cause my legs have got to learn they are not going to get a week's holiday after every race!

    Not bad, considering protesting legs and persistent bellyache (I fear guts are rebelling against anti-inflammatories. Could be a challenge.) Taking part in a relay race on Sunday, so no great efforts planned between now and then, just something to get rid of stiffness. PB, what's your field?
  • Morning all

    WHAT – (Lunch) Swim – intervals
    (PM) Turbo trainer
    WHY – I slept in and missed this mornings swimming session

    LAST HARD DAY – Yesterday (circuit training and a race paced 6-miler)
    LAST REST DAY – Monday

  • Morning all

    What: Am easy gym session PM 5 miles easyish
    Why: Hard session @ club last night

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Monday

    (Hard sessions might hurt at the time but there really rewarding when its over)
  • Mathematics: definitely pure maths, but I've spent a lifetime lurking amongst theoretical physicists.
  • what: 5 miles at recovery pace (which seems to be getting slower and slower nowadays)
    why: as scheduled

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun
  • what: Nothing
    why: self-imposed suspension to allow the broken down wreck of a muscular-skeletal system I call my body to recover.

    last hard day:
    last rest: yesterday

    felt very edgy last night, withdrawal symptoms kicking in.
  • Morning each and all,

    What: Swim drills
    Why : Recover from..
    Last hard : club run last night, v.up-tempo!
    Last rest : Sunday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Morning all - a little grey and drizzly here in London.

    What: Possibly 4-mile recovery run, or rest.
    Why: 3-mile fast tempo run last night and I'm aching a bit today.
    Last hard: Yesterday.
    Last rest: Monday.

    Since the cold and dark kicked in my weekday runs seem to be getting shorter! Also my partner has come with me a couple of times and he can only manage about 20 minutes at the moment. I usually do a couple of 30-minute runs (one tempo and one spedwork) and a 45-minute recovery run during the week, and an hour-plus long run at the weekend. Due to various commitments and the above-mentioned, I seem to be doing two 20-minute runs, one 30-minute run and a 'long' run of about 45-50 minutes! Is this enough to maintain fitness over the winter before kicking back in around February? I'm not training for a specific event.
  • Copy and paste from Sunday/Friday/Wednesday

    What: Brisk 5K, exercises
    Why: Not allowed more
    Rest: Yesterday
    Hard: 10 days ago

    Got to give a seminar in a bit. Will then sneak out to the gym as a "reward".
  • Hello from an incredbly dull and grey Leicester (No it isn't always like that)

    What: 4-5 mile recovery run in local country park.
    Why: Because even on a day like this it's a great place to be.

    Last hard: Monday
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • I was also a mathematician in a past life - though I gravitated towards applied rather than pure.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning Cats,

    Been out in the freeing drizzly rain...
    What : 11 mile circuit off road (except middle 3 miles on country lanes)
    Why : Midweek long run
    Last Hard : Yesterday (although today was quite tough)
    Last Rest : Last Tuesday (8 days ago)

    Looking forward to tomorrow - rest !!!!

  • afternoon all.

    Tonight is my first night at the local running club, quite nervous but want to go.

    wish me luck

  • Good luck Scarlett1. Enjoy yourself.
  • Good luck Scarlett1

    don't worry about the nerves, remember start slow, its easier to speed up with a smile
  • Is there a link between running and maths?

    What: Running with local club (hope it's not too hard).
    Why: Arranging to run with others makes sure I get out and do it.
    Last hard run: Saturday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    What: 12.5 mile long run, complete with new Nike gloves and new Nike wooly hat, oh and rubber legs at the end.

    Why: Wed long run day

    Last hard: today

    Last rest: Tues

    Last run: Mon 7 mile


  • Perhaps: maths generates unbelievably large quantities of frustration, sense of not having spent your days in worthwhile pursuits (so far have logged eight hours trying to come up with a believable motivation for the proof of the Weyl character formula, not done yet found same..., worthwhile employment or what? and that's better than some days, when the efforts of months are shifted to the recycle bin) so therefore perhaps more mathematicians take to the trails to exorcise said frustration. Oh yes, running also conveniently takes up time when you could be staring at a blank blackboard...

    Met one of my students out for a run while I was out running this morning. Not surprised if he's feeling a tad frustrated.

    Good luck Scarlett1. Some day I might grow brave.
  • for not done yet found same, just read not done yet
  • <<If you're good at Maths it enables you to work out very quickly just how far down on your target time you are, at any point of the race!>>

    Thats what your fingers are for!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    WW, haven't got enough fingers for that, unless I count in binary - and if you do that while running you tend to fall over something.
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