Polar software causing fatal crashes

Has anyone experience of the infrared Polar software causing Millenium windows to crash - completely - as I think it's made my system crash twice now ?


  • The software is probably not 100% compatible with Windows ME (lots of software has this problem) – the operating system was only available for a short period of time and proved to be a bit of a flop and is now not even supported by the big ‘M’ themselves

    Look into upgrading your op system

  • Morning SS,

    Try contacting Polar to see what they say, I saw from the other thread that it had crashed your system.

    Not sure about WildWill's commment about ME not being supported now, it is still active within there support sites (win98 is due to have its support withdrawn this year or early next). They do appear to be pushing for people to upgrade to XP however.

    Before re-installing the polar SW did you check that you had all the critical windows ME updates applied?
  • Thanks for your advice - I hate computers!

    Keith - I don't know - we paid some soon to be very rich young kid (OK he was 25 ish) to sort it - and he's bought us time to back everything up but say's he needs it back soon to stick all the relevant updates on. But...I don't think it was the Polar software at all now - I just blamed that as it was the last thing we'd added to the system - but we've gone through the computer removing loads of programmes and right now...it works, just!
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