Wobble club Xmas Party

As a newbie to the club receiving all this free advice, I felt it only right to put something back in.

I suggested a Chrimble party yesterday, and this seemed to strike a chord with a few people.

We could have a weigh-in the day before, and another the day after, and there'll be a prize of a £10 Thorntons voucher to whomsoever has put on the largest % of body fat.

Our virtual party will have games & prizes, forfeits, charades, lots of food - jelly & ice cream, jaffa cakes, peanuts & crisps, red & white wine & all the naughty things we normally throw hands up in horror at - it's Christmas after all!

How about an afternoon, say 3 p.m. Monday 23rd December - no kids to pick up from school that day, but open to suggestions? It can rol on into the samll hours for anyone who's still there.

So excited, I can't wait - who's coming?


  • what about chocolate oranges..?
  • Always up for a party.....
  • I'll be along later, Snoop, after visiting extended family and getting a head start in the body-fat-expanding stakes. Mine's a raspberry Bacardi Breezer with a parrot-headed stirrer, a bendy straw and lots of little umbrellas.
  • One will try his best to make an appearance (or 2)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I'll be along for a wee while early on, but have to get home reasonably early for elderly Mum looking after duties. Lime Archers for me, please, and can we have some sour cream & chive Pringles please? (And can I take some home for Mum?)
  • Count me in, I've got cheesy balls!

    Oh I do wish I hadn't said that, can we please have the edit facility back?
  • I'm also fairly new to the site so it would be great to get to know everyone. However, i have a dentist appointment on the morning on the 23rd and its not good news i'm afraid, anything that i want to eat will probably have to be through a straw! never mind i'll still try and put in an appearance

    Cos :-)
  • Virtual blind mans buff.....

    virtual sardines......

  • we could do some smoothies for you lettuce! ;- }}
  • DavidB that's just too much information thank you.

    Can we have dancing on tables, and mine's a Jack Daniels, oh yes large ones please, just a dash of diet coke.

    I'll bring some giant Toblerone.
  • Ladies be wary of any party that Snoop (dodgy gooner who is not fat at all!)throws, he is likely to be luring you into his virtual den so that you can join his hareem of ex running forumites!
    Read his first post again is that last line a little sinister?
  • You can count me in... I'm not drinking, cos of my embarrassing experience on Friday.. mind you, it is Christmas..so maybe just one then..or two.. well haven't got to drive home have I..!!!
  • Hey Michelle, I have that 'oh no what did I do' feeling after last night. No beer for me tonight!
  • BBB depends which way you take it,(oh dear that's another one)I'm sure Snoop is every inch a gentleman (and another) and wouldn't dream of taking advantage of females who have had too much alcohol.
  • You are certainly mistress of the double entendre, Wicked Witch.
  • Seems like your warning has fallen on deaf ears Bx3 - and quite rightly so. Perhaps a case of 'hell hath no fury like a scouser scorned'?

    We're all pals and fellow dumplings in here; hey even a Scouser can be forgiven and invited at Christmas (that means you mate) - and scouser Suzie Redhead would always be first on anyone's party list.

    And thanks WW, seems like us boyz may be outnumbered a bit on this occasion - so maybe it's us who'll have to watch out?
  • Count me in Snoop. We'll play virtual footie and stuff if it all gets a bit feminine ;-)
  • Yeah, and we can play being footie managers and swap players - I'll give you Stan Collymore, and take your Dennis Wise in exchange, sort of game!
  • Ah well if yah can't beat them.....

    Any offers for a young midfielder who was last year hailed as 'the next great thing' but has recently been playing as though he is addicted to gambling, alcohol, charlie, shopping and forums!
  • Snoop, Don't mention either of them again please.
  • Or bankrupcy!
  • Aaawh, thanks Snoopy! I'll come too (ooh, WW it's catching!) I see the vets contingent all seem up for it (oops!). Hope at least 1 Scouse team's still in the top 10 by that time otherwise we're in for some stick WW (ooer missus!) ;-)))
  • Bx3 - do you mean Joe Cole or perhaps yourself?

    Fil - sorry mate - I realise now that WAS a bit insensitive!
  • Oooh, just noticed DavidB, are you the stripagram?
  • I'll wager something on Tranmere Red - not sure about any others though.
  • I was thinkin more of Stevie Gerrard, how you can go from playing so well to resembling ray parlour on a bad day is beyond me!
  • Poor bloke. Not only does his manager not like him anymore, but now he's incurring the wrath of the RW forum. He'll have to come and play at The Walkers Stadium, we'd all love him :-)
  • I'm not good at virtual things but will def come alsong to see whats going on and join in!!
  • Count me in 2. Have got a dentist appointment also but only a check up - that won't get in the way of my consuming vast amounts of Guiness. Haven't had much alcohol at all since joining Slimming World but me thinks a major blowout is due come Yule Tide!

    PS Could I also have some Sour Cream and Chive Pringles (mouth watering obscenely)

  • Redhead: I'd love to but I would need someone to hold my cheesy balls.

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