A London marathon alternative...


I'm sure there must be info on this somewhere but I can't find it, so maybe you lot can help me.

I'm assuming I'm not in the FLM, so can anyone suggest an alternative spring marathon somewhere in south east England??? I don't care how big it is.



  • If Im rejected for FLM I will be looking at the Shakespeare Marathon on 27th April : www.shakespearemarathon.org.uk/ which has an interesting 1pm start.

    Isle of Wight on Saturday 17th May is another option.

    Still keeping everything crossed for a nice FLM letter in the next few weeks. :)
  • Yes, I'm interested in Paris too, but I just want to check the options.
  • The Halstead Marathon is Essex is being run on 18 May.
  • Scotty, I'm thinking about the Shakespeare, but living down this end of the country and having kids to take care of its probably just as easy and cheap to go to Paris.

  • Ah, thanks John. Would you recommend Halstead to someone aiming for 4hrs in their second ever marathon?
  • There aren't any others which appeal to the same extent (or approaching it ), which is why I'm doing Paris again - it's as big as London in terms of organisation and numbers, but there's no ballot to be rejected from... and a great place for a w/e jaunt!
  • I haven't run the course myself but knowing the roads from my cycling days I think you will find that the course would be mildly undulating with the odd real hill thrown in for good measure.

    Looking at previous results on their website I would say that 4 hours is more that possible.


    If I fail to get into FLM I am torn between Shakespeare and Halstead with Shakespeare currently favourite due to its earlier time slot (27/4/02).
  • Bungay Black Dog, Suffolk - 30th March.

    A chance that the shopping may not be up to Paris standard though.
  • Snoop, hmmm. I'm leaning in your direction.
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