Bath Half Marathon 2005

So who's entering this then? Let's hope they get the organisation sorted out this year with race numbers sent out well in advance. I enjoyed the event last year, nice city, nice places to stay (Travelodge hell hole excepted), fairly undemanding course (although largely uninspiring scenery) and very many good places for a decent Sunday brunch afterwards.


  • If this is the one in March then I think I might be doing it. Votes for this on here seem to suggest it is a badly organised event, but it is close-ish by and I do like Bath.

    I am doing my first half on Sunday so whatever I get there, I will want 5 minutes less in Bath!!!
  • I'm in for it again (I first did it in 1984), and it remains my PB course. As for places to stay - the in-laws, why not. And for footie fans, there's Cheltenham vs Southend United the day before, just up the road!
  • Did it last year. Awful weather (nobodys fault) but absolutely awful organisation and I still wonder if any of the runners actually got their chip time at the end of it, not to mention the goody bag, or having to pay for a medal! Still it's quite a friendly race and I've already put in for next year as it's my home towns 1/2 and was still a really good day despite everything. And the final run down Pultney street feels good!
  • Just done 1:55 in Cardiff so might hope for 1:50 in Bath..... Need to think about what I want to do next really.
  • If you want to get into Bath, thinking about it is a luxury you don't have, Jen!
  • Don't do it!!! It not worth it. Bath's a beautifull city and apart from the finish down Great Pulteney Street, you just run around an industrial estate. Twice!!!

    I ran it last year, and it's a fast course, but by the sounds of the organisation this year I'm giving it a miss.

    But, after saying that it is a popular race and fills up very quickly, so as AB2 says, you can't think about it, apply on line ASAP.
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