Running in pregnancy

I have been inspired by RW articles on women running during pregnancy and am determined to follow in their footsteps myself (providing I am well enough to do this of course). However, all the books & magazines I read repeat how you mustn't let your pulse rate increase to more than 140 or get out of breath etc etc. I am used to running 7 1/2 min miles and marathon training. This seems incredibly slow, I'm convinced some peoples 'level of exhaustion' is my feeling 'a bit tired'. I'm still in the 1st trimester, if I feel fine is it to run as normal?


  • Like yourself I run or I did run a 7.5 min mile, but I am now 35 weeks and I have not been able to run since my 12th week, had to give up running because I have getting sharpe pains in my groin and a funny wobbly feeling in my tum and if all my bits where slushing around, so I have been walking ever since. So don't be to sad if you can't keep the running, but if you can still run go for it and enjoy for as long as you can! We are all different so just listen to your body. I am lucky because the club I'm with Cardiff Hash House Harriers set a trail and I do a short cut, so I am still able to take part.
  • I am 15 weeks pregnant and still running 6 days a week including a long run (11 miles) on a Sunday. My pace has slowed down quite alot, however I am still running well! Since running whilst being pregnant the only thing that makes it difficult is needing a wee all the time.....Nightmare!!! I am trying to listen to my body on every run, but if i ever feel any reason that running is becoming hard or I am struggeling I will take it down or even stop! I am planning to run for aslong as I can, but not sure how long this will be??? I have looked into support bands so will probably buy one for when i get a bit bigger!!! Happy Running!!!!! x
  • I'm 14 weeks and running, I could quite happily continue but a back problem seems to be slowing me down.  My chiropractor has asked me to stop for 2 weeks whilst she tries to sort it out and suggests I swim instead...which I know is going to drive me nuts!  Hopefully I will be back to it in the next 2 weeks!  Hope you manage to keep going for as long as you want!

  • You should visit the Pregnant Runners thread (or the Mums Running Thread) as there are loads of us there that have run throughout pregnancy.
  • Hi Chynah, I can't seem to find that thread?  Been advised by Chiropractor to stop running, but she has also said don't cycle, walk up stairs or pretty much do anything...will do my nut if I can't exercise so any advice greatly received!  Happy Christmas
  • (that's the pregnant runners thread, I hope)

    If that link doesn't work it is generally on the first page of the Health & Injury forum - as is the Mums running thread.

    It is a friendly place, hope to see you thereimage

  • Been running fairly steadily throughout my pregnancy and am now 30 weeks along.  My pace has gone from 8 1/2 minute mile to a 12 minut mile with frequent walking breaks to accommodate for all of the gas pains and crmaps I have been having...but as others have said, the main thing is going out and enjoying your runs....wonder how long after giving birth it will take to run like a normal person again?
  • meredith, like the previous posts said there is a regular well established running in pregnancy thread,

    have a look over here

  • So glad to discover this pregnancy trail and finding out I'm not the only one out there !
    I am 14 weeks pregnant now, finally starting to feel better with the morning sickness now and eating a bit more. The beautiful weekend that just has helped me going back running (I was feeling so sick before that and could barely do anything). I went back on Sunday for a 6 mile run, I used to run about 28/30 miles a week before getting pregnant, but I had to run/walk on Sunday because I am monitoring my heart beat and I have to keep it under 140. I do get to 140 really fast though, although I do not feel any worse when I run, I do stop to walk and sip my Powerade or water as I found it drives the heartbeat down faster. I want to run till as far as I can in the pregnancy as I feel so good when I run image I was wondering how other pregnant runners cope with the 140 ceiling, are you walking too - also, my GP and mid-wife are ok for me to carry-on as long as I monitor the heart-beat and I don't compete or race.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am new to this thread. I am 12 weeks pregnant now and decided to stop running in my first trimester as I was unsure of the impact on the foetus.
    I am keen to get started again but as I haven't run in a few weeks was unsure how to build it up again...
    Any advice would be welcome.

  • Hi Nic,

     I am 13 weeks now and im fairly new to running. I was running somewhere in the region of 5k two or three times a week but i was feeling so sluggish and sick i stopped at about 6 weeks pregnant.

     Like you i am desperate to get my trainers back on but not sure how much to do etc. Would be nice to hear how you get on. 


  • Morning Victoria,

    Im currently going out x3 weekly early in the mornings. I have begun from scratch again by walking, I usually manage 40 minutes in the cold.
    I'm now picking up the pace to a gentle shuffle.. I ensure I rest every other day.
    I do miss running with the local running club.

    Good luck & I hope that helps.
  • I had my 12 week scan on Thurs, have not run for over 12 weeks as had bleeding in early pregnancy and had miscarried in October. I was desperate to get back to it so asked my consultant if I could restart - she said yes so I was straight out there this morning, albeit 10 mins with a 1 min walk break in the middle. Felt amazing! I am so inspired by all your stories of running well into the third trimester. Am already doing a lot of walking and yoga. I am determined to keep it all up! Have plans for a half-marathon Sept after my due date in November. 

    RB x

  • Can anyone recommend a good bump band for support later on?

  • Hi Running Bean,
    I'm 4 months, so a little more ahead than you and my boyfriend recently bought me a top and leggings from this site 
    I was going to get a bump band but my sister advised me against it- she said hers was a nightmare and kept moving all over the place.
    The clothes that I got from fittamamma have support built into them so I think they'll be great when my bump gets a bit bigger. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Run2Mum for the fittamamma tip - been struggling to find a pair of running tights with support in them and was considering the bump support option. I'm 17 weeks now and belly is getting bigger - but I'm still running, albeit 1.5-mins per mile slower than my (already plodding) normal pace. I'm happy just to get some fresh air and my muscles moving. 

    Blogging over at if there are any other blogging jogging expectant mummies out there. 

  • Running during pregnancy is quite interesting task, mostly women in earlier trimester must a walk or run for their or baby health, but very careful in last trimester.

  • Hi everyone,

     I’m a women’s health physio and work with many pregnant and postnatal mums.  Although there is no established upper level of safe exercise intensity in pregnancy, the advice is that regular exercisers before pregnancy should be able to engage in high intensity exercise programmes, such as jogging, with no adverse effect to mum or baby.  However, during the first trimester it’s important to not increase your core temperature by more than two degrees - so your core temp should be no more than 39.2 degrees celsius.  Making sure you’re well hydrated and avoiding exercise when it’s very hot like today will help. 

     Current guidelines state that women who have reached a high level of exercise fitness before pregnancy should be careful when engaging in higher levels of fitness activities during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, you should also expect a reduction in your overall activity and fitness levels.

    Your safe maximum heart rate whilst exercising will vary depending on your age – 135-150 beats per minute if you are between 20-29 years old, 130-145 beats per minute if you are between 30-39 years old, and 125-140 beats per minute if you are over 40 years.  Most guidelines advocate an upper range of 60-90% of your maximal heart rate for women wishing to maintain fitness during pregnancy. With this in mind, it can be helpful to wear a heart rate monitor when exercising to keep an eye on your heart rate.

     You should always check with your GP or Obstetrician whether it is safe for you to continue with your preferred exercise programme during pregnancy. Depending on how much you’re exercising, you may need to have check ups to monitor/ assess the growth of baby to assess the effect of your exercise programme.  Your regimen may then need to be adjusted or discontinued if necessary.

     Hope this helps.


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