Sainsburys 5K Stevenage

Completed the Sansyburys 5K in Stevenage last night and must say what a very well organised event it is.
There were refreshments before the start as well as water bottles handed out at the finish. There were more than enough stewards who encouraged some of us lesser runners on.
After the finish, we were welcomed back to the assembly point with cups of tea coffee, doughnuts, chocolate, bananas, crisps etc. There were also shower facilities.
Although this event cost £7 with no obvious medal, tshirt etc, it was so well organised that I'll be doing more in the future. The £7 was spent on the runners comfort and organisation rather than silverwear.
A really good training run for local...ish people. Beware! the pace is fast with the winner finishing in a little over 15 mins. Was happy with 28 mins, but must have finished in the last 20. Approximate field was 250.


  • Mike,

    Yes this is a good event. Couldn't run last night as I am in Germany but will try and make the next one. It is fast because it is flat but still most abilities take part.
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