Reading and Wokingham 1/2M's

I saw on another thread a mention that Reading was historically badly organised. Is this still true now Sweatshop organise it? I was intending to use it as a warm up for London (if I get in) as it is local.

I am also intending to do the Wokingham 1/2 in Feb so any info on either would be greatly appreciated. I've only run one 1/2m in the past which was Liverpool which seemed pretty well organised to me other than the timer going wrong!


  • I've ran Reading twice. First year was fine.
    Last year's start was delayed by about 45 mins due to back-log at the baggage check-in.

    But I have to say a lot of the problem seemed to be people turning up at the last minute.

    No problems once it starts.
  • Despite all the problems last year I am going to run this again this year as it is a great pre-London race and helps you get use to crowds. Hopefully with sweatshop organsing it things will go a little smoother.

    KP I wouldn't say that turning up an hour before the start was late...
  • I think that if the Seatshp is involved in organising anything then it is fair to say it will be a monumental cockup and the competitors are put to the bottom of any list that is drawn up.
    I doubt very much that any one at Sweatshop has thought of drwing a list up though.
  • KP, I believe part of the dealy was due to the police not closing the roads in time as well as the baggage.

    Hopefully this year they'll sort it out.

    CF, I'm doing both of those races.

    Reading may well have dozens of forumites so I have to recommend it, even if its only from a social point of view
  • I'll say hello this time Spans!
  • I ran Reading last year and the problem seemed to be the baggage drop-off, with the start of the race being announced as we were stood in the queue. We got there an hour beforehand but it just didn't seem to be moving. The race was great though - good course and better organisation at the end. I hope to do it again next year and am inclined to think that the baggage thing will be sorted after last year's problems.
  • I'll start a Reading thread soon. Not sure whether to make this a URWFRC event, don't want to take people away from running Shrewsbury
  • BK, why not make Wokingham the URWFRC event?
  • I dont think that just because Sweatshop are organising it that it's bound to be a success - anyway, are they organising it, or just sponsoring it? - there's a big difference between the two.
  • Just how busy does this one get? If it's anything like as bad as the Great North Run, which I did last month, then I'd prefer to avoid it, although I would like to do it.
  • Snoop, if sweat shop are organising it then I would advise every one to steer clear. I if they're sponsoring it then hopefully the organisers have learnt from previous years chaos.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Not done either, but my neighbour has done both.
    Reading traditionally has problems , Wokinghm is fine although I think last year was cancelled due to landslippage.
    Due to the numbers at Reading I suspect that as BK says it will be more social.

    Personally in the spring there is a vast array of races to choose from. If I do Reading it will be for the social 'tick it off the list' point of view.
    Personally I'd pick Camberley (02/03) or Fleet (18/03)

    Don't know what the problem with Sweatshop is ...???!!!???
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