Bury St Edmunds

I have the (mis- or good?) fortune to be working in Bury St Edmunds for the next few months. Having never been there before I have no idea what its like or more crucially where to run. I'll be staying at some hotel on the outskirts of town (either Best Western or Butterfly).

Can anybody recommend any routes ? or best areas or areas to avoid ? I do like hills but having had a look at the map it looks as though I'll have to forego that pleasure.



  • Ohh I am from Bury st Edmunds (though now living near Salisbury).

    Try the Bury pacer web site, they have some running routes on there, i think one is 10 mile but didn't look that closely. Nowton Park is had a trail that many people run on, but i am not sure how far it is.

    didn't live on the Best western side of Bury. But The Kings forest near West Stow is also very nice if you like forest run.

    And no, there are very few hills in bury.
  • Went to college in Bury (sooooo many years ago!) and there's loads of places to run. It's really beautiful around the town and very rural outside so you can just head out. Like SS says, there's the Kings Forest or loads of footpaths. Would suggest buying an Ordnance Survey map and look at some routes. There are loads of lovely runs around there.
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