Sore Knees

Hi there,

Recently when running I am suffering from a pain right on/below my left knee cap. Some days I run and it doesn't bother me at all and other days it kills. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations as I don't want to stop running. Thanks


  • Hi Erica

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions other that strap it up.

    Just didn't want you to think that nobody cared.

  • Hi Erica

    Is it your running shoes?

    Do you need new ones? They say that your shoes make all the difference!

    Have you upped you mileage recently or are you new to running?

    When I recently increased my mileage about two months ago, I got pains, not aches, around my ankles and knees. It wasn't too bad whilst running, I just knew it was there, it hurt the next day but not so bad that I couldn't walk, run or do other training and then it would go away after a day or two. Now I don't get any problems. A pal of mine said it was probably because I increased my mileage too quickly and it was just my legs getting used this increased number of miles!

    Sorry that I can't help you further, I'm not that experienced or good a runner to be of any use to you but these were just some thoughts....but if it really hurts and it's persistent, it must be your body telling you to stop and then I suppose you should seek professional help!


  • Thanks Angela,

    I have just gotten new shoes which I think are doing OK - I didn't like my last pair but my feet seem to like this pair more, so did start picking up my mileage again as I want to do the Paris Marathon in the spring - Currently I'm running 4-5 days a week on average 25-30 miles. I have only been running a year or so but this is the first time I've been pushing my distance.

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