Jog proof personal CD Player

Hi - Can anybody help? I am looking for a jog proof CD player that really is jog proof! I was bought a Sony one for Christmas a couple of years ago and have been really disappointed with it's performance. Can anyone recommend a good one. It really does need to do what it says on the tin as I don't hold onto it as I run - I carry it in a special CD holder round my waist.


  • Joanna

    In the January issue of RW (out on Dec1) we test a few gadgets. One of these was the Goodmans GCD901R. I honestly couldn't get it to skip. Sound quality was pretty good and it only costs £60.
  • Thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly - wow - I'm very impressed! Let's hope the CD player is equally as impressive! By the way - I think the website is fab and have spent many (sad!) hours looking round the site.
  • OK so you answered that question so well... do you have any thoughts on headphones to go with the CD player?! My current ones keep falling out when they get sweaty (nice!). Think I need some that loop over my whole ear - any ideas?
  • I use Philips Ear-Gear ones. Like two individual pieces and each one loops round the back of the ear. Never fallen out yet !

    (and I've put them in the washing machine without a problem ! Oops !)

  • Can't be doing with music while I suffer.... er..... enjoy my run, but plenty of people swear by these MP3 player thingies. Smaller, inherently un-joggable, easy on batteries. But a good bit more costly! Oh, and you need a PC at home. There's a thread in this forum about them.
  • Thank you Cougie - I'll look out for those.

    Swerve - cheers - unfortunately, my finances won't stretch to an MP3 player but thanks anyway!
  • mini disc players have not caught on yet so you may get a cheap one,i've used one for a couple of years now with no time can be extended given enough music even for a long run,and discs are small enough to carry.earphones with plastic pieces that wrap around the back of the ear are best,you can fall flat on your face and they wont come off.
  • Kiiro 128Mb Mp3 player looks nice on Amazon........
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