heart monitor chafing!

Just purchased a heart monitor, had it a week & have the most horrendous red raw welt where it's been, it's definitely not on too tight, or too loose but I'm wary of putting vaseline underneath for fear of rotting the plastic, any suggestions or anyone suffered the same problem?


  • Vaseline works fine - been putting it on my chest for years without rotting anything!(the plastic won't rot either)
    If you find that it is rubbing badly - which it sounds like it is, try wearing a thin T-shirt, and putting the transmitter belt over it - wet the shirt first where the contact pads are - it'll work OK.
    Failing that Polar do a bra top thingy that has provision for threading the transmitter strap through - may be an idea.
  • Helen,
    I've just bought a Triumph sports bra with special loops for putting the monitor in - it's great, and well worth the £25 it cost. When I wore it with an ordinary cropped top it used to dig into my ribs something awful, but with the Triumph bra I don't feel it at all. This might stop it rubbing you.
  • Thanks for that, I'll invest in a new sports bra & hope that I'm not left with a scar, most unattractive but certainly of the original variety!!
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