Hampshire Parks

I've lived in Hampshire all my life but there don't seem to be any parks that match the quality of Greenwich Park in SE London, either in terms of quality of people it attracts, or its superb surroundings.

Can anyone recommend any parks which may come slightly close to the calibre of Greenwich Park.



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    I don't know Greenwich Park I'm afraid so can't compare but I would assume by the fact that Hampshire is, by a large percentage, open land that there would not be a 'need' for any large parks, all the open space we need is on our doorstep!

  • Wotcha smitch! Ever been to Richmond Park? This is a vast expanse of wood and heathland that also has roaming wildebeast... actually there are lots of deer, which sort of makes it a little more interesting than watching out for screaming brats. Great for cycling also.
  • "Smitch" - you really should change your picture...

  • Eeeek!!
  • You imposter! I can't believe everyone posted sensibly to your thread Multi!! Even you Mr Punch!

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  • Who's this Multi person? Is this this the same obnoxious and arrogant Multi from the GP thread? How dare you confuse us!!

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  • So can anyone recommend any decent parks in Hampshire or will I just have to move to SE London?
  • Well, errr 'Smitch', most of the characters from GP seem very nice (with the odd exception...mentioning no names...)

  • Well, that's it!! No one can help me find a local beautiful park so I'm off to SE London!!

    Just need to organize two removal lorries; one for my furniture and one for my phone!!
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