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I have been told I need to get a medical certificate for my first marathon. Can you tell me the cheapest and easiest way to get one. My doctor said it could cost £80!




  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I remember a thread on this last year prior to Paris. I think all you need is a letter from a GP saying that there is no reason why you shouldn't enter the marathon, rather than a full medical. Suggest that to your GP and see if the cost falls. Alternatively, some people wrote their own and sent them off, and were not questioned. Depends on the race and whether they check them out. I think they ask for them to cover themselves in case of a claim, so if you have "forged" one, it's your lookout, much the same as the disclaimer we all sign when entering races in the UK.
  • Eighty quid! He's gotta be joking. Or else he thinks he's going to have to do a detailed report plus an ECG.

    The BMA recommended fee for a simple statement of fact is £9.50, and a note on headed paper saying that he knows no reason why you shouldn't run a marathon but accepts no liability shouldn't be more than £20, IMHO.

    For things like that, I ask for a fiver in my charity box.
  • The Paula Radcliffe cold bath ! ? how long? how cold? when, after youre long run?
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