arch pain

ive just run my first 5 miles. im wearing asics 2090 with orthontics in and am suffering with really severe pain under my right arch...any idea..-it hurts!


  • I am guessing you removed the original insole from the trainers and not just plonked it on top???

    Otherwise arch strain can results from weak calf muscles.....You need to build up the time in orthotics... you should wear them to walk around in for at least 4-5 days before running with them...then build up from 10 minutes running....

    They change you whole gait so you need to take it easy or you'll get all sorts of transitional injuries....
  • thanks craig,
    actually i just bought a pair of new balance 854 to try. my orthontics arent custom made so ill try with the new balance stability without the orthontics and then if that doesnt help ill have to get some custom made! arg
    and yes-id taken out the original ones!!
  • Ha always worth asking if the old insole came out :))

    I got my custom orthotics from for £40 solved my troubles in one stroke.....
  • i will try them...seem very reasonable.cannot believe running can be so complicated!!
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