Entry for 2003

I ran London for the first time in 2002 after a rejected entry in 2001. I applied for 2003 the day the form arrived and ticked the box to bequeath my fee for the fleece.

What are the chances of getting in this year? I've heard rumours that you get in automatically the year after running if you so wish but I can't get anyone to confirm this.

How many people apply?

They cashed my cheque on 26/10 but I still haven't heard anything. When am I likely to find out if I'm in or I have a nice new fleece?!

Cheers for any help with all of this!


  • Only guaranteed entry the following year if you have clocked a good for age time (3:15 for age 18 to 59) but you have to apply by 31/12/02 to get one of these places.

    Confirmations or rejections and fleeces will be arriving between 26/11 and 6/12.

    Too many people to count apply with figures of 100K+ quoted.

    Best of luck!
  • If I'm not guaranteed entry am I more or less likely having completed the race in 2002 to get in for 2003?
  • Unfortunately, I don't know that it will bear any relevance as outside of the good for age times, charity places etc it would seem to be a clean slate decided by the ballot.
  • Cheers for that anyway...I guess I'll just have to stop being impatient and wait for the letter to arrive!
  • Hope you have more luck than me with this year's application. I ticked the box as I'd heard it might help in the ballot. Cheque was cashed but heard nothing more - no acceptance or rejection letter or, more importantly given that cheque was cashed, no gift. In the end the only way I could get a reply was to phone up the helpline and get them to look my name up. Sure enough I hadn't got in. Seems likely that I'll be looking for another marathon next spring as I don't think I can face the stress of raising specific amounts of money for a charity. Four events in two years might stretch the generosity of even my kindest of supporters! Good luck!!! Fingers crossed that we get in........
  • It is a bit off that they take our money then don't even tell us what's happening. I take it from your message that I'm not in but who knows!?!

    What was the number you phoned?
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