Which is the best half marathon?

Which half marathon do *you* think is the best due to variety of conditions?

I think without doubt it has got to be Hastings. You start off on the flat by the seafront and within a mile have had to run up two very sharp, short hills and then after three miles have to run up a gradual incline for over two miles to the top of the South Downs with their lovely views. You then level out a little and start to drop down so that you automatically think it will be all downhill from then on, only to find that the course has been designed to give you another couple of tastes of uphill climbs before dropping down through the Olde Town and then along the seafront for the last couple of miles home which should be easy on the flat but most years you find that the S.W. wind hits you full in the chest when you are already tired.

I reckon that this course takes some beating .... or do you know better?


  • Gosport. However, as I have said before, its for the massage women!

    For overall I'd seriously say Marlow. Great countryside and organisation. The course is a real tester as well.
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