ladies problem

does anyone suffer from this. after running about a mile i get a low ache, almost like a dull period pain but its not that time yet. pain persists until i finish running. it has only happened the last two times i've run including this morning while doing cricklade run. i could be mid-cycle, could that be the prob. any ideas girls?


  • I've had period type pains after running even though it's not the time of the month - so you're not alone, but I don't know what causes it.
  • might be lots of things - i sometimes get abdo pains - i think it could be deep pelvic/ abdominal muscles complaining a bit

    may also be related to gyne problems - adhesions or fibroids or other things might cause some discomfort

    some stretches - particiularly yoga type - may help but its probably worth keeping an eye on it and see whether it is related to your cycle

    if it worsens go and see your gp of course
  • Sometimes that kind of pain can be your bowel-maybe if you've not been to the loo?
  • Is it possible that it is some kind of back problem?
  • I have had similar experiences. I strongly suspect either psoas muscles, or else inflammation in fascia throughout that region.

    And yes, it often comes together with desperate and extremely painful trots, which however are usually over and gone within half an hour, everything out, and then no lingering nausea or evidence of stomach upset.

    At my age it is defo not period pains!
  • Hi I also suffer from this, there was a previous thread on this, can't remember what it was called.

    Someone suggested it maybe mittelschmertz syndrome - if you find it is particularly bad at mid cycle some women suffer from this when ovuating. I also have endometriosis which I think may aggravate it. Look it up on google.

    It is nothing to do with what I eat/drink or don't eat, and it doesn't make you need the loo. I know period type pains when I feel them.

    I just avoid doing races at that time of month now, having been ambulanced off a 10k unable to walk let alone run, and then an hour later being fine, and feeling a complete fraud.

    I found it very frustrating until I worked out what it was, everyone kept suggesting dietary changes but I knew it was not related.

    Hope this is of some help.
  • thanks for your replies girls. Its definately a period type pain and not anything to do with going to the loo. I always have a wee before running and the other is no problem. I will keep and eye on it though and if it gets worse or doesnt improve I will see my gp.
  • PS I never did go and see my doc, as I feared they would just say 'don't run'.
  • I've had this too - sometimes when when my P's due (understandable) but also at random times of the month and especially when I try to do the first couple of "sprints" when I'm trying to do some speed work. I wondered whether it's to do with not being warmed up properly, as they eased off after a have it easy :-)
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