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  • Oracle
    Granted FLM is in London but that doesn’t make it a Londoners only event and I don’t see that Londoners should be any more favoured in entry than anyone else. Afterall London is the capital of our nation. Your tone re the organisation of FLM reads as if it is a conspiracy to prevent people running the race and in particular yourself. You also seem to be assuming that everyone running for charity is doing so solely as a means of getting into the race. Obviously I can’t talk for everyone but I’ve known several people enter under a bond place having never run before specifically because they want to run for charity. The charity element seems to add something to the race for them

    What you have proposed in effect in your post is that you would like to see a situation where charities loose money on FLM ie they buy the places and then can’t sell them on. And you wonder about the “get a life” statement.

  • At the risk of sounding like I might be losing my grip on reality - well said, Oracle.

    This is something that we're never going to agree on so can we just drop it please?

    Those of us who are in will enjoy the day, those who aren't will hopefully find another race that they'll enjoy just as much.
  • Consider it dropped.

    I used to hang round this forum a lot last year when I was training for FLM. Didn't post much but found the whole vibe of the forum a good one and it helped me a lot through the dark, wet, cold nights when sometimes (not often) the "why am i doing this" thought popped into my mind.

    Hopefully now that everyone knows (or will know soon) whether they are in or out we can get on with that.
  • You didn't have a place. The system must, therefore, be unfair, and anyone who sees it otherwise must therefore be deluding themselves.

    Oracle I'm going to call it a day on this thread. I'm not even going to suggest that we agree to disagree.
  • thankyou you're welcome
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