Something's Eating me...

Either my house has a particularly vicious strain of gnat, or killer spiders, that or i'm more tasty to six or eight legged creatures than i am to bipeds.

About July this year at a rugby practice i got two insect bites on my leg, after a day they wen't red, then went a bit black and spread for about a week to the size of golf balls - had to take antibiotics in the end to stop the itching/swelling.

Similar kind of bite/sting happened on Monday. Any idea what the heck is biting me? How can I start a personal war against these biting fiends?


  • eek
    Similar happened to me years ago, i think i was allergic to the venom, no not the human one
  • I'm allergic to wasp and bee stings, but that's instant and nasty (don't die - obviously, but tend to go into very rapidly expanding rash then feint, then ok) - Freaked out a number of my friends last time it happened, if i hadn't come round almost immediately I reckon they would have been trying an emergency trachioptery (?)thingy with a biro...
  • you might also be allergic to whatever is biting you
    try an antihistamine
  • good plan - that was the plan last time, but the chemist took one look the bites and said - infection - it's doctor for you sonny. Will make a visit to boots tomorrow thanks Doc.

    Any idea what's eating me? Spiders? - Hate spiders
  • have you got pets
  • nope just the girlfriend
  • now now
    She hasnt brought back foreign stuff from over the water?
    Im itching now
  • don't scratch

    -i've plastered me bnite sio i don't touch it

    she does have a scruffy jack russel back at home it's possible a flea came over in her luggage - ah well the search continues..
  • your WHAT
  • bite - sorry wouldn't be plastering anything else without good cause
  • now go an cuddle your woman!
    im sure its not her
    nite nite
  • I will - nite nite Benz
  • are you perhaps more hairy than scaly Godzilla?

    ...maybe a bit short of iron or vitamin C if you've
    been running a lot? ....and I don't suppose you've ever tried that alleged rugby club favourite of trying one of your own - might be worth a try after training next time
  • (scratch scratch scratch)

    Howdy Zilla,

    Could it be mozzys? I know a few people who get a pretty nasty reaction to the first mozzy bites of the season. Not quite in the turning black and swelling to golf ball size league, admittedly, but certainly getting very red and extremely swollen. Can't think of anything else.. unless you have bats? :-)

    (trots off for a good scratch)
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