Kent fittness league

Is anyone running at rough common this sunday should be a muddy one,hope to see you there.


  • sv. i've been looking at this series of events recently, but they seem to be restricted to affiliated club runners only.

    Do you know if they accept entries from non affiliated runners ? i noticed one or two guest runners had entered previously, but they seem to be v high standard club runners.
  • No, they don't Gareth - get you butt over to a local Kent running club and join up so that you can - and, it's only £2 entry to the fitness league races.
  • you're not trying to lure me into DRR by any chance are you ??

    aahh, i've realised now why the forum is being taken over by members of DRR, they're are on a recruitment mission !

    no doubt once i've had a few beers next Friday you will 'as if by magic' produce a signing on form and fleece me of the annual sub whilst i am in an innebriated state.
  • Ah, but Gareth, our annual membership is only £10, and as secretary i have lots of membership forms here! You'd look good in a DRR vest, or crop top, if thats your fancy!
  • £10 !- bargain. keep those membership forms away from SD, it sounds too tempting.

    i'm going to check the small print first,
    i'm sure there's a catch somewhere. !
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