Scrap heap challenge

Hi Forumites.

My old car 'Bessie' is in desperate need of a new distributor cap. The man in the garage has enquired and it's going to cost me £140 for a new one even without him laying a finger on her.

Bessie is dearly loved and i really don't want to have to let her go but if i can't get a second hand distributor cap i'll have no choice.

She is a G reg Fiat Panda (don't laugh, she's lovely) 1 litre model so because of her age and changes in fiat spec etc etc i'm putting out a country wide carb hunt.

Are there any Fellow runners (renowned for liking carbs) who own a scrap yard or know of a wonderous scrap yard which may have my part please put on your thinking caps and contact me at if you can help.

Here's hoping Bessie can be saved from the crap heap for another year.



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