How long to recover after a race?

I did a 10k run last night (Weds) after having raced 10k on Sunday. I thought I had fully recovered, but obviously not as I ran like a complete donkey. The problem was that I didn't realise I wasn't on form until nearly halfway when I started to tire much more than usual.

How do I know if I am on form before I start running and how long does it take to get back to normal after a race? I know about tapering the week before a race but is there something similar for the week after?


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    It all depends on the intensity of the race and how much it took out of you, as well you the individual, because we all recover at different rates. Ideally a day after the race you just want to go for a very slow recovery run, may be just for a mile or two miles. Nothing too streneous.It is unusual to run the same distance shortly after the race as during the race as the idea is to "Peak" in the race. You should eat as quickly after the run as you can so that the energy in your muscles is replenished as fast as possible. This aids recovery.

  • Ballpark figure is to generally allow 1 day recovery per mile raced, just doing easy recovery runs/running to how you feel during this time - hope that helps! (tho' this will probably vary from person to person and you'll soon get an idea for yourself after a few more races).
  • Thanks for that. Yes the race took a lot out of me and I was so tired that evening but felt fine the next day. Probably 10k was a little ambitious last night, I should have quit at 5 (easy, I was on a treadmill - no long walk home!)
  • That's another good thing about dready's! :-)
  • I'll learn. That was my 1st race. Next time I'll take the best part of a week to build back up to a long run. It's in the recovery that you make your improvements isn't it? Ok then take a holiday...seriously though, in the week before, I hardly did any running and had withdrawal symptoms - legs got jittery and I found myself looking longingly at the pavements out of the car window.
  • Thanks for this advice I did my first ever race yesterday 10k. 57:44 But even though I've done 10k in training maybe 6 times today I really ache - I guess i just ran harder & faster

    I'd like to get back on it a soon as I can as I still have a few kg to lose but I'm gonna give it a few days of just walking now
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