Shoulder OP decisions

So this is the thing -

I have dislocated my shoulder 3 times in three years and after a year of waiting MRI sans and arthoscopes I have finally been gien the option of an operation which will happen in 6-9 months (and mess up my IM CH plans)

anyway the decision of operation isnt so simple.

Option 1 - keyhole surgery, less invasive, little scarring but 75% success rate

Option 2 - open surgery, scarring,slightly longer recovery but 90-95% success rate

My initial instinct is to go for Option 2 as I do to go through another night in casualty on Morphine if I can help it.

however to make it a little more complicated option 1 whilst has a lower success rate will be done by the top surgeon at the hospital whereas option 2 could be done by any old crack head who hasstolen a surgeons gown (no disparage against the medical profession intended)

Any thoughts anyone or does anyone know of anyone who has done the same thing with success or not?


  • tough call there Caspar..........but Option 2 would be my favoured one as well........

    good luck whatever one you choose....
  • 'lo Caspar.

    Just spoke to my buddy - he had five dislocations over a few years, and then had option 2. Not a twinge since. I also know of several other cases, shan't bore you with why.

    don't you worry too much about who's going to do it. You're only buying into a brand, after all. ;o)

    It's a relatively straightforward bit of carpentry, and you'll be so pleased you had it done.

  • Cheers

    Option 2 is my preferredoption, although I dont haveto make a decision until two weeks before the op - which is spring of next year

    Whilst I can think about a spring ironman now perhaps there is an option of getting the UTMB out of my system once and for all eh FB?
  • you'll need your shoulder for UTMB for those walking poles!!!
  • I figure that If I put a good stint of training before hand, be out of the count for a month,then two months building up strength would be sufficient for poles - just not swimming 2.4 miles.

    That is my logic anyway - although would makea decision until much nearer the time.

    Also thought about the Mont Blanc Marathon as a trining run b4 the UTMB but that may clash with the OP

    I amnow officially addicted to Cham

    - I'm sure its all your fault FB


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