Energy gels

Any recommendations which brand works best and where to get them?


  • The relatively new Go>>> Gels by Science in Sport see
    go down very easily without the need for any water or catching your breath again after for 50 yards.

    Ive actually only tried these and Squeezy Gels, which actually are more like goo and need plenty of water to get rid of the sticky mess.

    I want to try good quality runny honey but cant figure out what to carry it in yet that I can access easily on the run. Any ideas?
  • Boots do some nice little plastic bottles which are just right for runny honey. They're actually designed as holiday shampoo bottles etc but seem to do the trick.
  • The best gel on the market is Accel, which is a blend of carbs with protein, not as thick as most of the other gels on the market. Goes down very easily and doesn't affect the stomach. Nice flavours too. Strawberry kiwi is my fave.
  • I love the 'GO' gels but don't do what I did in a half marathon and sqeeze a large amount in my mouth at one time. The sticky nature of it clamped my mouth and I was unable to swallow it. I had to wait 1 mile before I reached a drinks station. I will never have strawberry jam again!
  • Out of the ones I've used the Go Gels are definitely best. They're isotonic (unlike most of the other ones) meaning that you don't have to take them with water, and they also taste far better (though that is not to say that they taste particularly good, either). The PowerBar lemon & lime gel I tried fairly recently tasted absolutely revolting!

    If you get the Go gels, make sure you order the newer ones in the narrower more practical packets rather than the older square ones.

    Incidentally, the same applies with energy bars as well. The SIS Go bar is by the far the best one I've tried (far nicer than the High5 ones, for example), and in fact I would actually go so far as to say that it is pretty tasty -- particularly the Cherry & Vanilla flavour.
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