What if Good for your Age?

I sent a letter (not a form) asking for a place in the London Marathon and proof of my time for the NYC marathon last year, but I'm worried that I should have sent something else. Should I have sent a check? Do you have any idea when I might hear from them?


  • You should have sent proof of time and proof of i.d. (e.g. photocopy of driving licence/passport).
    The above should have been sent by 18.10.02.
    You should not have sent a cheque.
    They ought to have got back to you by now (1) stating that they accept that you are who you say you are & have done the time that you claim to have done; (2) providing you with an entry application form (3) requesting a cheque. It might be worth giving them a call.
  • The cheque would have had to be with them by the 18th November.
  • Yes Lindsay - get onto them double quick. they've screwed up in not sending you an application form by the October deadline.

    PS. they've already cashed my cheque.
  • Thanks, guys! I called them today, and they said that they had already sent the acceptance and application stuff, but i never got it. They are re-sending it all tomorrow, and everything seems to be ok! Thanks again, and happy running!
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