Sub 5 hours

Still waiting to hear if I have got through the ballot like everyone else.

I have done 3 marathons now: 5hrs 11, 5hrs 40 and 5hrs 28. So I don't feel as though I need to follow a beginners program.

Am recovering from latest marathon at Loch Ness in 5hrs 28min, have a hamstring tear in July which cut training time a bit and so I decided to aim for sub 5.30.

Am aiming to build up a base for the next 3 months and then do a bit of faster work. I also plan to do a few longer and shorter races.

Today went out with a beginner so did 30 mins, I call this an easy recovery day. Aiming to do 45-60 per day 5 days a week, and one longer run of 2 hours plus once a week when not racing. And build up from there.

Anyone else aiming for sub 5 hours?

Next race Amsterdam Half marathon on Sunday, aiming for around 2.15-2.20.


  • That is 45-60 mins per day.
  • yes
    but my training programme is a little different to yours
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Count me in Jane. I hope that with enough training (sadly lacking this year) I can do a lot better than in previous marathons.

    Good luck for Sunday.
  • Last 4 marathons

    I think i could---------
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    FLM 2000 - 6:30ish (pre chips)
    LNM 2002 - 6:04
    LNM 2003 - 5:50
    LNM 2004 - 6:02

    BUT, I've not really stuck to a training plan for any of them, so.....................
  • Great. Hippo what program are you thinking of doing then? I thought you were BTing and I believe Nessie is too.

    Nessie I am not good at sticking to training plans thats why I thought I would post here and ask for comments and suggestions.

    I am feeling fairly fit and nearly recovered from Loch Ness I think easy recovery runs do help and I plan to do them after all my long runs in the build up to London or Spring Marathon.

    After Amsterdam the aim is to build up to a regular 40 mile week and hold this for a month or so before building up to a 50 mile week through longer long runs.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    My "plan" is to get to BT of 40-60 minutes 4 days pw, then 90 mins Saturday & building to 2 hours on Sunday.

    I did 70 mins yesterday with lots of walking to keep my HR < 140 and felt no ill effects at all, so I think this is feasible.

    I'll do this to the end of the year, then I'm thinking about Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 schedule (although that book you bought sounds tempting Pix)
  • yes I am BT ing
    and racing lots-whoops!
    adding in one to two work sessions a week, one if its a race week
    40-50 mile weeks sounds good, though I expect ill be doing the odd double day
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Pix - you have a male.

  • Thanks EP, you have mail.

  • I feel left out now;)
  • youre right

    no rest days
    (but i dont half fancy one today)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    [ties Hippo's legs together]
  • EP. Looks like a good plan and it does suggest the pace to run at which I like. Like Hippo I don't take too many rest days but I guess the plan is adaptable to take this into account.
  • Well I am off to the gym this morning to do a bit of x-training and this evening I will be running with a few others, distance about 9k, pace will depend on who turns up.
    Lurking - to see how you get on Jane.
  • Shades please offer comments and suggestions regarding the training. Did 45 mins CV work at the gym all at low intensity apart from the rowing machine (trying to strengthen upper body).
    mmm I'll try. Let me know the following:-

    1 Your best half marathon time this year

    2 How long you've been running

    3 Your splits in a marathon, first half and second half.

    4 When do find it hard in a marathon, what do you feel is your weakest part of the race and why (if you know, which I expect you do).
  • Okay, My best half marathon time this year is 2.09.34 way back in February. Recent half marathon times 2.33 and 2.42 (not much training and coming back after injury).

    I started running in 1999 and ran for about a year, took a break for 6 months and then started again so running continously for 3 years.

    My splits for Loch Ness, halfway 2.39 and finished in 5.28.

    For Lochaber halfway 2.25 and finished in 5.40. Wasn't use to running in the afternoon, and didn't feel right on the day.

    For Abingdon 2003, 2.27 half way (I think) and finished in 5.11. My best marathon time.

    I find it hard to concentrate on the correct pace throughout a marathon, it is a long way. I think if I start to fall behind too much I lose the drive to work hard at the pace and maybe give up? I find the hardest part of the marathon around 15/16 miles and once I pass 22/23 miles I tend to pick up again. It is the middle parts of most of my races that I do find the hardest. Haven't done emough marathons to know why?

    I actually find training for the marathon the hardest part, if you don't get this right the marathon itself isn't going to go correctly.
    Thanks for that Jane. Your half marathon PB shows that you can improve your marathon time. But your more recent half times show that you are performing as expected in your marathons.

    When I started churning out the marathons my times slowed and I went 5 years before I broke the 5 hour barrier again. I ran the IOM in 5.06 in 2002, I knew then that if I could just push myself again I could break the 5 hr barrier again. I went home and prepared a pace chart on a spreadsheet for a sub 5, carried it in my sweaty hand for my next 9 road marathons and broke 5 hours on all of them. I put that down to mental concentration not an improvement in fitness. So much of marathon running is mental strength. I also find I can't make decisions when running a marathon so I decide beforehand what I'm going to do (and it must be realistic)and then give it my best shot. Of course there will always be off days.

    Sorry, got to go and back up the computer, night not be on line again until tomorrow
  • Thanks Shades. I have also realised I do all of my longer runs off-road so maybe I need to do some of them on the roads to get a bit better at the constant steady pacing that marathons require.
  • EP - what's the book you've mentioned? I like the sound of short and sweet.

    Jane - it's good you do your long runs off road, does help avoid injury and they are harder than road. But you could me missing the practice of churning out the miles at a steady pace. But you could always do that in a half marathon, by running it at your planned marathon pace. Do you get a chance to do a 20 mile race? That is really useful as marathon preparation too.

    I know everyone recommends even pacing or negative splits but the majority of runners aren't able to do that. My pace charts allow for slowing in the 2nd half with a couple of miles at a really slow pace like a sort of reward! Still possible to do a PB even with a slower 2nd half.

    What do you take on board in the way of fuel?
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